What to Ask When you are Getting your Windshield Repaired

Are you looking to have your windshield repaired and you live in Burlington, Oakville, or Hamilton?  At Speers Auto Glass, we offer same-day windshield repairs, starting at just $60. When researching what auto glass shop to choose for your windshield repairs, price is usually a big concern. While snagging a deal is important, it should not be the only factor that dictates whether you should go with a certain company or not. Continue reading to learn about what you should ask before getting your windshield repaired.

What should I ask when I visit an auto glass shop?

Ask about a service warranty. If you have stumbled upon a company online that only promises low rates, you should wonder if the company is cutting corners on their workmanship to deliver such low rates. This does not necessarily mean that you should pay triple the cost of windshield repairs  in order to receive quality service, but it is always wise to find a company that you can rely on in the long run. If you have decided to go with the lowest rate, be sure that your repair is covered by a warranty. If there is no warranty provided, the company does not support their work. When you visit an auto glass shop for a windshield repair, you should ask whether or not your insurance company is accepted. Knowing if your insurance company covers an auto glass shop helps you find out which shop is the best for you.  Insurance companies only covers legitimate auto glass shops that guarantees safety for its clients. Insurance companies covers the cost of labour and often covers minor chips for free. You should also ask whether you need your windshield repaired or replaced. Some auto glass shops might try to rush you into a more expensive auto glass services, like replacing the entire windshield rather than repairing a windshield because they earn more profit from replacements. Windshield repair is important and serious work that needs to be done for your own safety and protection from the outside environment. Your windshield holds together the integrity of your vehicle and thus, you can put yourself at risk if you have your glass improperly fixed. At Speers Auto Glass, we are covered by major insurance companies and we offer low costs of windshield repairs with the highest quality and integrity. To have your windshield repaired today, fill out a form, or call us at 905-339-0339.