When to Take Your Car in for an Auto Glass Repair

The last thing you want to do is let a crack or chip sit without giving it proper attention; see if you’ll need to head over to an auto glass repair shop. You can start at home by inspecting the damage and determining what kind of action to take. Small chips of any size in your auto glass can be serviced with ease, especially if the glass has only flaked off. Larger cracks that spiderweb or span over two inches will likely require replacement options, which Speers offers as well.

Avoid Letting the Chip Worsen

You’ll want to act fast, to ensure that the chip doesn’t worsen. Water can get under the surface of the glass, and delaminate glass if it travels too far in, or it can also contaminate the glass with dirt particles that won’t wash out, or as the weather gets colder, trapped water can freeze and crack the glass further.

Can You Repair or Replace?

You’re more likely to only need a windshield repair if you come in soon after the chip or crack happened; the factors that affect repair versus complete replacement hinge on the severity, age and type of damage that took place. Each crack or chip will be assessed by our technicians to see if your glass can be simply repaired; likely candidates for repair are star-chips, pits, bullseye chips and crack chips. Longer or deeper chips may call for the glass to be replaced.

The Job of a Qualified Technician

A properly-trained technician will be able to test whether or not the chip or crack can be repaired. There may be extra steps involved if the damage is older, has dust or dirt embedded in it or is significantly deeper than most cracks. A quick repair usually doesn’t take longer than half an hour, with resin injected in the damaged spot and dried and cured with UV light to create a seamless appearance so that the crack doesn’t spread. Don’t wait to let your glass get beyond repair. Call Speers Auto Glass today to get a free quote and same-day repair at 905-339-0339!