Why Choose Speers for your Auto Glass Replacement

Winter is here in full throttle, and the need to get your cracked windshield serviced is greater than ever. The changing and constantly adjusting cold temperatures outside your car and the warm temperatures inside of your car put great  pressure on your windshield; this can make it easier for the cracks to expand, or shatter your windshield completely. If you’re not sure where to get your windshield replacement quotes, the first place you should check out is Speers Auto Glass. Keep reading to find out why Speers is your one stop shop for windshield replacements.

Every Day Service

At Speers Auto Glass, we understand that when you need your windshield replaced, you need it replaced ASAP. Which is why we offer our services everyday of the week; whether you need us to get the job done that day, or you need us to come to you, we always put our customer’s needs first. Can’t leave your job to get to your appointment? We also offer a free Pickup and Drop Off service, in which we will come to your work, bring your vehicle to our shop for the replacement, and then bring it back to you. Your car gets fixed and you get to keep making money!

Guaranteed Warranty

We all know the fear of getting scammed by a company. At Speers, we take that fear away by offering warranties with all of our services. If you are not 100% satisfied with our work, we will reinstall your replacement windshield at no extra cost. This goes the same for all of our other services. Our warranties last the lifetime that you own your car.

Mobile Services

We also understand that sometimes you can’t make it to your appointment. Whether you’re stuck at work, or your vehicle is too damaged to safely drive to our shop, or any other reason, we’ve got you covered. We offer a free Mobile Auto Glass service, in which we have vans stocked with all the parts and tools that we need to do your repair. We charge the same amount as we would at our shop, and you get the same quality of service. Ask about our Mobile Services when you book your appointment.

Insurance Claims

Can’t afford your replacement and want your insurance provider to cover it? We can help! We have years of experience with car vandalism claims, and will talk to your insurance company for you. Our customers are our number 1 concern, and we want you to have as little stress as possible. Don’t wait to have your windshield replaced!. Call Speers Auto Glass today to get a free quote and same-day repair at 905-339-0339!