Why You Should Never Wait To Repair Chips in Your Windshield

Experiencing a chip in your windshield is a common occurrence for drivers in Oakville. When a chip is noticed, most people dismiss the chip thinking they can get it fixed another day. Read on to find out why you should fix that chip immediately! Although fixing the chip in your windshield will cost you, leaving the chip in the windshield becomes an extreme safety hazard as it can develop into a crack very quickly, which can cost you even more! Chips should be repaired immediately before they get the opportunity to cause damage to the entire windshield.

Why is the chip in my windshield a problem?

It may seem like no big deal, but the smallest stone chip is a big problem. With a chip in your windshield, moisture, air and dirt get between the layers of the glass and could cause for further damage to your vehicle. It is also a safety hazard and having a chip in the window as it can distort the driver’s vision not to mention spread while driving, potentially causing an accident. The more your windshield is open to these elements, the glass will get weaker posing further and more expensive problems. Damages become worse with extreme temperature changes, similar to the ones we face in Canada. If you leave the stone chip, it will likely grow into a crack that cannot be easily repaired. There are many advantages to having the chip in your windshield repaired right away, these include:
  1. The physical appearance of your car
  2. Most likely the cheaper option
  3. They are very quick repairs
  4. May be covered by insurance
  5. Will not spread and cause further damage
  6. You can feel safe driving your car

Do I need an auto repair shop to fix my stone chip?

There are kits that are available and allow you to repair your windshield at home. However, when you are driving you want to make sure that the repair, or replacement is done properly for safety and financial purposes. Speers Auto Glass in Oakville provides free stone chip repairs and are highly educated in areas of windshield repair and replacement. If your windshield is in need of a chip repair, call us now at 905 339 0339 or click here to learn more!