Your Windshield During Winter: What You Need To Know

We all know the feeling; the nearing of the end. The dawn. We can see it just past the horizon, so close yet so far; the end of winter. It is something we look forward to all Winter long in fact, but the season is here still, just long enough to make it drag on for what feels like forever. The conditions outside are nothing short of grotesque. There is slush and salt and lingering, dirt laden snow everywhere. Face it, coworkers think your car is brown when in reality it is a gleaming white. Gleaming like the smile you give them when they tell you to wash your car.

Where do you go from here? What do you do to keep your windshield clear?

Our auto glass professionals here in Oakville have created the ultimate guide to your auto glass end-of-winter blues.
  1. The first big mistake people can make is the boiling water on the cold windshield trick. This does not work for anything besides basically shattering a perfectly good windshield. Avoid this one at all costs.
  2. Your windshield can become damaged by using your wipers to remove snow or looser ice particles from your view. Remove all debris from the windshield before driving.
  3. Use a plastic ice scraper to remove ice, this is very common, but be careful not to press too hard or add excessive force to your strokes or else you run the risk of scratching your windshield. If you have stubborn ice, turn on your vehicle and allow the heat from the inside to loosen the outside ice just enough to scrape.
  4. Keeping your auto glass clean is a big deal. Obviously you need to see to drive, so never let your view be obstructed by debris or ice before taking off. If you are heading to a car wash in colder-than-usual temperatures, be sure to dry your auto glass off completely to avoid cracking or excessive ice build up.
  5. Use vinegar to spray your windshields to keep the frost away, this helps when your washer fluid nozzles are frozen so keep a little spray bottle aside for when you may need it!
The end of winter is that time of year where everything seems to overwhelm you, but with these tips you can help yourself, and your windshield avoid the end-of-winter blues. Call Speers auto glass in Oakville at 905-339-0339 or click here to book an appointment today!