Windshield repair or replacement – what to consider in Oakville and Hamilton

If you are reading this informative article you have likely had your windshield, door window glass, rear glass or sunroof damaged from stone, vandalism or otherwise. You now need to consider if you want to repair or replace the car glass, it is a very common question and what you want to do is to look at the glass very carefully and try to determine if the damage is very extensive or more like on the surface, and depending on what you see, the length of the crack and overall assessment of safety to car passengers you can decide how urgent it is to fix this issue and if you are more likely to need to replace or only repair the damaged car glass. However it is sometimes hard to decide what is the situation and how safe it is to keep driving with the windshield damaged, also you are right to think that waiting too much time can make that damage more severe and force the auto glass technician to replace the auto glass completely. We advise that at this point you contact by email or phone the local auto glass shop in Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington or Milton and explain the details of the damage. Be as specific and detailed as you possibly can and consider even sending a photo of the cracked windshield with a ruler to show the length. Most windshield repair shops or mobile auto glass repair units will be able to provide you with an affordable quote to repair or replace the damaged windshield, sometimes it is required to drive the car to the shop and have a technician closely look at the car glass to asses the damage. Ask about insurance deductibles, a few shops will pay your deductibles, so that can save you extra money and worth prioritizing those shops that will cover up to 100% of your auto glass insurance deductibles. One more suggestion that can be very valuable, before deciding where to take your car to repair or replace the windshield go to the website of the auto glass shop and read about them. Find out if they have a physical location and if they have warranty, ask to talk to the owner if you are not sure, it is your right. Ask to get a quote, although it may be an estimate only based on your information, it is still a good indication when you decide which auto glass shop will give you the best return for your money.