Do I Need a Windshield Replacement? 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

Windshield damage is a common problem that drivers encounter on the roads. Who hasn’t been caught before a big gravel truck at least once in their life? With this in mind, the Speers windshield replacement team would like to share some assessment tips to use the next time you notice a crack or chip in your auto glass. Windshield repair technology has advanced considerably in the past few years, and the techniques used at our location may be able to save you the cost of a more expensive windshield replacement. Find out by calling 905-339-0339, visiting our windshield replacement service page, or by asking yourself the following six questions:

#1 Why should I seek repairs for minor damages?

The most common damages to windshields occur when debris on the road or pebbles are flung back by the traffic in front of you. This damage is often minor, but the problems they cause will worsen over time. Minor windshield damages weaken the integrity of your windshield, limit visibility through obstruction and distortion of the road ahead, and, when driven for long periods after the initial impact, collect dirt that impedes our ability to repair the damage.

#2 What kinds of damages can be repaired?

As a general rule, the smaller the chip or crack, the more likely it can be repaired. It’s usually safe to assume that any damage that can be covered by a quarter can be repaired. A single crack that can be covered by a bill is also usually repairable. When cracks are longer or appeared in greater numbers, a windshield replacement may be required.

#3 How does the damage look?

If the damage to your windshield is small and circular, it can be easily repaired. This is true even if it has multiple small cracks radiating from the point of impact. Our technicians will be able to force a clear resin into the damage area so that your windshield works like new.

#4 How deep is the chip or crack?

Generally speaking, any damage that penetrates past the inner layer of safety glass, or the second layer of glass, is beyond repair. You may need to inquire about a windshield replacement if the damages to your window falls under this description.

#5 How long has my windshield been damaged?

Even serious damages can often be repaired if you act quickly enough. When dealt with promptly, cracks and chips don’t have a chance to fill with dirt and debris that interfere with our resin repair process. The longer you neglect your windshield repair, the more likely it will be that you need a windshield replacement.

#6 Where is the damage located?

Damage is more serious depending on where it’s found on your windshield. Cracks or chips over the radio antenna or heating elements are often very difficult to repair. Additionally, cracks that extend into the edges of the windshield will compromise the seal between the auto glass and frame, eliminating the option of a repair. How did your self-diagnosis go? If you think that you need a windshield replacement or repair, our team can help. Call 905-339-0339 now for a free quote – we will work with your insurance to save you as much money as possible. Many of our clients walk away paying nothing for their windshield repair! Get in touch to learn more.