What You Need To Know About Window Tinting in Ontario

Tinting your windshield can be a great upgrade to your vehicle, both,in aesthetics and functionality. Tinting can enhance the overall style of your car, and give it a high end look. Tinted auto glass can also help provide additional comfort to your vehicle, by blocking out harmful and potentially dangerous effects of sunlight. UV rays and glare can obstruct your vision, and tinting helps keep you driving safely. Tinted glass will also help keep your car’s temperature down whilst also protecting its interior. Keeping both you and your vehicle looking and feeling cool. Considering tinting your windshield in Ontario? Be informed about legal regulations on the process by reading our blog below!

Ontario Windshield Tinting Regulations Changes

Ontario has recently passed a new law that reduces the amount of allowed tint on the windows of vehicles. The windshield can no longer be aftermarket tinted, but windows to the right and left side of the driver can, as long as they do not block more than 30% of light. There is no new limit on rear windows, and the law will only affect cars manufactured after Jan 1, 2017. These new laws were implemented to allow drivers to make better eye contact with cyclists, pedestrians and other drivers in order to reduce the chances of potential accidents from miscommunication. The new regulations will also help police enforce laws such as seat-belt use and cellphone use.

The Law Right Now

However, as of right now, a vehicle’s tint should not be an issue as long as the windshield and the right and left side of the driver isn’t tinted in a manner where his/her vision will be obstructed or that the view from the outside to the interior is obscured. The bottom line is that the new laws will be implemented to help with safety. Don’t be discouraged though; tint can still be applied to front side windows as long as they are of a safe darkness and you can still opt for a darker tint in the rear windows as they can provide more privacy. Get your auto glass tinted by only the best! Call Speers Auto Glass at 905-339-0339 for a FREE quote today!