Windshield Wipers and Windshield Repair in Oakville

Believe it or not, windshield wipers are a great danger to the safety of your windshield! Used incorrectly, windshield wipers might put you in a dilemma where you will need windshield repair, or worse, windshield replacement. We are sure at one point you may have noticed a windshield that has been thoroughly scratched and damaged in the areas touched by the windshield wipers. This is easily avoided, with a few simple tips and tricks from Speers Auto Glass. Read the guide below to ensure that your windshield wipers do not cause any damage to you or your windshield today!

Make Sure Your Windshield Is Kept Clean

If there is any dirt, gravel, rocks or other forms of debris stuck under your windshield wipers, you are put at risk for scratching and damage. Building underneath the wipers and on the windshield itself is easily eradicated. Simply wipe down the affected areas with a auto glass-safe cloth. Do not rely on the rain or your windshield fluid to fix this debris issue for you, do it yourself and save yourself a ton of stress!

Make Sure Your Windshield Is Wet When Using The Wipers

A huge issue that many drivers might not realize is running your windshield wipers without any moisture being present on the windshield. This causes stress and friction on the auto glass, and can be the cause of significant scratching and damage. This also ties into the previous tip. If you keep your wipers and windshield clean, and you accidentally turn on the wipers when it is dry, you decrease your chances of causing damage to your windshield.

Make Sure Your Wiper Fluid Is Filled And Functioning

It is clear that your windshield will need constant moisture to be able to safely use the windshield wipers. Because of this, ensuring that your windshield wiper fluid is full is crucial. If your fluid is filled but you notice your vehicle struggling to spray the fluid, there might be an issue or problem. Make sure to check the clips, if they are not locked in place, they may not spray the fluid. Loose and unlocked clips can cause scratching on the windshield, because they allow the blade to turn and twist. The metal portion of the wiper might scratch the windshield if this happens.

Check Your Windshield Wipers Periodically

Make sure to take a few minutes every few days to inspect your windshield wipers. If you notice that your wipers appear worn out and old, it might be time to replace them. Remember, it is much more cost effective to replace wipers than it is to replace a windshield. Old and worn down wipers can cause damage, so keep this in mind! Has your windshield been damaged by your wipers? It’s time to take action. If you need an affordable windshield repair or replacement, call Speers today at 905-339-0339 and get your quote today!