Windshields 101: How to Protect Yours from Mother Nature!

During the cold winter season, it is common to have accidents or damages from weather that results in needing a glass windshield repair which can become costly. Your vehicle’s auto glass is important, not only because its part of the frame of the car, but it also provides a level of protection and safety for drivers and passengers. Thus, when the auto glass is damaged, it is hazardous to those in the vehicle. Going into the warmer months, we want to ensure that you take all preventive measures so that you are not in that position to require a replacement or repair. As you begin to get your tires changes and your summer vehicle essentials added on, ensure that you get your auto glass checked as well so that you are able to drive safely in the spring season. Keep reading to learn more about how you can avoid needing a windshield repair:

Debris and Flying Rocks

Construction sites and nature paths are common sources of debris. There is constantly work being done in construction sites, resulting in potential falling debris or unstable objects. With nature paths, there are many pebbles and rocks that can fly up to your windshield when driving by. By not parking your vehicle in those areas, you are taking precautionary measures to protect your auto glass. Even small cracks from these issues can contribute to bigger problems, resulting in potential repairs to be done. Thus, being cautious around those areas will be beneficial to

Weather Changes

As we are still in the winter season, the weather will still remain windy which implies that additional debris will be picked up that can damage the auto glass. If there are extreme weather warnings near the end of the season, ensure that you do your best to not be driving on the roads as that can pose additional concerns. Once the spring season is among us, weather conditions go from cold and stormy to brisk and rainy. Heavy rain may occur which can become quite harmful to your vehicle’s auto glass if it becomes severe. Thus, these extreme weather conditions should be avoided as well.

General External Factors

When you are driving, ensure that your focus is on the road, your side mirrors, and the cars around you as these factors are imperative for your safety. Pending on where you park and where you are driving, you may be driving into hazardous areas for your auto glass. For example, many trails include animal crossings which means that there is potential wildlife that will run out. In history, many cars have unexpectedly run into wildlife, harming their livelihood and damaging windshields. Another factor is where you decide to park because certain areas are safer than others. If there are potholes, they may cause small issues as debris can fly out, contributing to large cracks in your windshield.

Why is it Important to Protect your Windshield?

As mentioned earlier, your vehicle’s auto glass and windshield go beyond just being a glass barrier for the car but acts as a secure base for safety purposes. The structural integrity of your vehicle’s structural build is important which means that the windshield and auto glass cannot have any cracks or issues. The auto glass also contains a resin sheet that stabilizes the entire piece of glass so that if the windshield is damaged, the shards of glass would not go flying. A small crack can damage your windshield to a certain extent and any additional impacts would shatter the glass. Thus, any sized cracks need to be repaired as soon as possible. Lastly, it acts as a field of vision for your vehicle and any type of damages would create an obstruction to view certain angles. This is important as you need to be able to see in order to drive carefully, which is why repairing is crucial. If you are looking for a windshield repair or replacement, it is important not to delay that. Get a free quote from our auto glass team of experts today to get started on that process. Tags: