Windshields and the Summer Heat

With Summer rolling in, longer drives up to events become a much more common thing. However, these jolly-filled months can take a toll on your windshield. Despite the hot months only lasting for what seems to be a flash, there are many elements the roads will bring that could warrant a windshield replacement in Oakville. One of the biggest factors is the heat itself! Find more information out by reading our blog.

Windshields and Heat

Think of auto glass like a muscle. It shrinks in the cold and expands in the heat. With us trying to regulate our car temperature, the two opposing climates clash, causing strain on your windshield. However, it isn’t all about the glass. There is that protective layer of vinyl that sits between the two exterior layers. When there is damage to the windshield, it usually only affects the first layer. However, with the intense summer heat, cracks can pass through the vinyl and cause additional stress onto the second layer. As the glass expands, the windshield weakens. Any existing damages will spread due to the weakened material. If you notice even the smallest hairline crack or tiniest chip, don’t take the risk. Get it repaired immediately. Click here for cracked windshield repair cost.

“The sooner, the cheaper!”

As the changing temperatures are a constant weakening factor, it puts unnecessary pressure onto any existing cracks or chips. Tiny, almost negligible damage can escalate and instead of a quick, simple repair could cause you to need to get your whole windshield replaced. Due to this, it is strongly advised to get any damage assessed and repaired upon discovery.

“Gradual temperature adjustments.”

Blasting your AC as soon as you start the engine can damage your windshield. Much like how pouring boiling water into that glass cup, the sudden extreme temperature differences can cause damage. Instead of cranking up the AC on the max setting immediately, gradually turn it up as you’re on the road. It gives the windshield time to adjust to both temperatures. Before turning on the AC, roll all the windows down to let some air cycle out the stagnant heat. Perhaps seek one of those sun blockers for your car which significantly reduces the amount of heat trapped in your vehicle.

Have the Right Technician take care of your repairs

Especially during the extreme temperatures, replacing a windshield requires that extra finesse and attention to detail. It’s vital that you find a technician who knows how to properly execute windshield replacements and repairs. A great technician who is competent will know how to properly test your windshield, factoring in all the plausible elements that you and your vehicle will come across. One crucial point is that they will properly know how to check for how much heat has been absorbed by your windshield. Always make sure your technician is licensed and that your repair comes with a service warranty. Is your windshield tapping out due to summer heat? Call us today to get a same day windshield replacement in Oakville with Speers Auto Glass! 905-339-0339.