Winter Edition: Windshield Repairs and Replacements

During the year, debris and rocks can injure your vehicle’s auto glass. Windshields can break due to construction nearby or dangerous weather in the area. Regardless of how your auto glass is damaged, the important note is to understand that it must be fixed immediately. Especially in cold weather during the Winter season, having any damages go unfixed can cause further issues in the vehicle. Those small cracks can become a bigger problem with freezing temperatures and icy chills in the morning. The debate of getting crack on windshield repair during the cold season or waiting for the spring is due to the misconceptions that it can be dangerous to get it fixed during the winter. The bigger the cracks and damages get, the more your vehicle is susceptible to putting you and your passengers at risk. Thus, waiting for the season to end to get your auto glass repaired will be unsafe. Keep reading to learn more about replacing your auto glass in the winter:

Replacing a Windshield in the Winter

Understanding that replacing a windshield is important, regardless of the season or weather, is the first step. At Speers Auto Glass, strong and efficient products are used to assist with your glass windshield so that it is repaired properly. The cold weather also implies that there are specific products that should be used; whether the company uses year-round products or seasonal products that need to be changed, the repair team should have the appropriate tools and resources to fix your auto glass properly. Often, vehicle owners will try to attempt a repair outside but with the cold weather and lack of reliability for DIY kits, you need to bring your vehicle into the service shop for the repair. If the repair is done outside of a repair shop, any cold weather, snow, or ice build-up will affect the process. For example, glass expands in the heat and when repaired in the cold, that factor is often not taken into consideration which could result in cracking of the windshield edges, worsening the condition of the auto glass.

The Dangers of Waiting for an Auto Glass Repair

Cold weather may be dangerous to repair your auto glass on your own but as long as you bring it into a service centre, your car will be safe to repair. It may seem like a minor problem to have a crack in the windshield or a small damaged part of your auto glass but it does become a major safety issue very quickly when left unfixed. The following are reasons to protect and repair your auto glass when it is damaged:

Structural Integrity

Your windshield and auto glass encompass your vehicle’s structural build and it does more than act as a transparent window to see the outside world but rather, protects everyone in the vehicle in the case of an accident.

Safety Hazard

In the case of an accident, the resin sheet in the center of the auto glass connects it all together so that it prevents any shards of glass from flying from and into the vehicle. An initial crack will damage your auto glass to an extent and if your vehicle were to have another impact, it would shatter. Thus, large cracks like that need to be fixed as soon as any damages exist so that the windshield and auto glass can continue to act as a safeguard for accidents.

Field of Vision

Since the auto glass of your vehicle acts as the surrounding view while you drive, it is important that you have a clear field of vision. Whether there is a small or a major crack, it needs to be fixed so that you can see all angles and views as you drive. When it comes to repairing your auto glass, do not hesitate and wait — the cost to repair or replace is much less than the costs to recover from major accidents on the road. If you are looking for a team of qualified professionals to assist in that process, speak to a technician at Speers Auto Glass for a quick quote. Drop by our location or give us a call and book an appointment today. Tags: