Windshield covered in snow in the Canadian Winter

Windshield Winter Maintenance 101: How to Handle Cracks, Chips, and Scratches

Many people drive around with minor cracks or chips in their glass and think nothing of it but did you know that those tiny chips can get up to 60% worse during this cold season? It’s time to stop them in their tracks before they get worse, and we are here to help. Here at Speers Auto Glass – Repair Service, we specialize in sunroof repair in Oakville, windshield replacement, and windshield repair for as low as $40!

To repair or replace, that is the question

Sometimes the damage goes past what you can repair, so it’s essential to know the conditions and catch the damages before they get worse and need to be entirely replaced. With a crack longer than 14 inches or a chip with a bullseye larger than 3 inches, it can be past the point of repair and need to be replaced. If the inner layer of glass is damaged, a complete replacement is better as well. Damages near the corner of the windshield can also warrant a replacement because they are more susceptible to growing larger and getting worse fast.

Is repair the best option?

It’s best to get to your windshield and repair it before it needs to be replaced. Repair is much faster than a replacement, quickly stopping the damage in their tracks. Most insurance companies prefer a repair over a replacement as well, covering more repair cases, so it’s in your best interest to act fast if you see cracks or chips forming.

But don’t fret if your glass is past the point of no return!

A replacement comes with its own benefits. A replacement will completely restore the structural integrity and give you the highest level of visibility for driving. A replacement will also fully seal your vehicle, making sure no brisk winter winds get inside, and all the heat stays inside, which is a must-have for Canadian winters. sedan car with broken mirror in winter driving

Is winter really that bad for my windshield?

The cold can worsen chips and cracks in winter up to 60%, and the glass is susceptible to new causes of damages too. A bad scraper can scrape off ice and scrape at the glass as well. Make sure to use a manufacturer-approved scraper to avoid any threat. Even running your windshield wipers can hurt the glass if it’s not cleaned correctly, dragging the ice and snow back and forth over the glass. Specific defrosting solutions are a problem; instead, using hot water to defrost can shock the glass with the sudden temperature change causing it to crack.

But why go through the trouble?

Windshields are:
  1. An integral part of the vehicle and its structural integrity.
  2. Making up approximately 30% of a car’s structural integrity.
  3. Explicitly bolstering the roof of a car.
If your windshield is too damaged, it can severely reduce driver visibility which will be dangerous to you and those around you. A windshield’s condition is critical to the point where you can get fined in Ontario and many other provinces for driving with the damages. If an accident happens, the windshield won’t provide as much protection as it should, so many regions have these laws to discourage negligence and encourage safety.

What to do after

After you get a repair or replacement:
  1. Don’t forget to keep some preventative measures and aftercare to help.
  2. Take steps to make sure your car is out of the elements, so use indoor parking or garages to make sure the cold doesn’t start doing some damage to your vehicle again.
  3. If you can, avoid leaving your car outside for long periods.
Are you still unsure? Don’t worry. You can stop by or call to schedule an appointment any time, so don’t wait. We will stop windshield damages in their tracks! Repairing or restoring lets you rest assured that your car’s structural integrity is back and you are a bit safer.