Windshield Insurance 101: What You MUST Know to Not Pay Out of Pocket

A small crack or flake on your car’s windshield is as important as a damaged window. There is a constant risk for your windshield to get damaged by abrupt incidents such as when there’s a storm, a flying bird hits your windshield or it’s the basketball of your neighbour’s kid. Several occasions put your windshield in danger causing severe damages.   All you need is the right insurance to cover your auto damage expenses.

1. What is windshield insurance?

Windshield insurance covers the expenses to repair an impaired windshield. This type of coverage is generally combined under comprehensive insurance coverage. It is a beneficial safeguard that covers the cost of repair or replacement of your windshield.  If you are looking for windshield replacement, Speers Auto Glass can offer you the most affordable and trusted windshield repair & replacement service on the same day.

2. Is a cracked windshield covered under insurance?

Well, this is one of the common questions for people with a flawed windshield. However, the first step is to determine if your flubbed windshield can be repaired or a complete replacement is required! Check out these conditions to know if your windshield is eligible for repairing:
  • The crack on your windshield is shorter than the length of a $5 banknote  
  • The scrap on the area is lesser than the diameter of a quarter
  • The damaged part is very tiny and circular
  • It’s a very recent damage
Your windshield needs replacement when:
  • The crack on your windshield is longer than the length of a $5 bill
  • The scarp is longer than the diameter of a quarter
  • The windshield area has more than one crack.
  • The damage is wide and leaves a mark on the safety glass in the inner layer.
  • The crack spreads through the corners of the windshield.

3. How to identify windshield damage?

When you have a cracked windshield, it’s a vital part to identify the type of damage your windshield is carrying. But, how to find out the nature of damage? Here are some of the major types of windshield cracks for your reference-
  • If it looks like a small hole in the centre of a scattered crack, then it’s a star crack. 
  • Bulls-eye cracks are the ones that having round rock chips at the centre of a crack.
  • The cracks that look like incomplete circles are called half-moon cracks.
  • Combination cracks are the blend of bulls-eye and the star cracks. 

4. How to prevent small cracks from turning bigger?

Once you have the windshield damaged, there’s no point in worrying about it but start taking measures against a small crack transforming into huge damage.

Protect the crack:

Stop further damage of the windshield crack by cleaning the damaged area with a dry piece of cloth and then cover the crack with clear tape or nail paint to seal the hole.

Clean carefully:

While cleaning the damaged windshield area, avoid using too much force when you’re clearing up the snow from the windshield. Drive slow: If you are driving around the town with a cracked windshield, drive slow and avoid putting unnecessary stress on the damaged part.

5. Should you repair the damaged windshield by yourself or leave it to the professionals?

Well, if your windshield is in a repairable condition, you can take a chance on repairing the minor damages on your windshield with an advanced repair kit. But, even if it’s a minute crack, it’s risk-free to get it repaired by a professional. Moreover, if you go to an auto glass technician, it’s just a matter of an hour or two and you are back on the road with a polished windshield on your vehicle.  We at Speers Auto Glass, provide trusted and same day windshield and auto glass repair services with a reliable lifetime warranty. Besides, you have the option of paying for your repair by insurance directly. 

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