Sunroof Repair and Replacement Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and Mississauga

Sunroof Installation Services

Speers Auto Glass in Oakville Ontario specializes in sunroof installation and repair. We have installed and repaired thousands of sunroofs, which has given us the knowledge and experience to replace or repair your sunroof to perfection and at a very low price. To read more about our autoglass replacement services click auto glass replacement Oakville ice our autoglass replacement and repair shop is located in Oakville, just minutes from Burlington so we service Burlington as well.

Speers Auto Glass shop in Oakville and mobile services to Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington and Milton will not only beat any price quote provided to you for installation or repair of sunroof on any of the car models mentioned here, but we will also include a solid warranty that you can trust! if you already have a quote or need a quote from us, please fill out our free online quote form or call us anytime.

Auto sunroofs can break, crack or simply mechanically become static, whichever the issue is with your car sunrrof if it requires a repair, we at Speers can repair your sunroof with a range of options. Most sunroofs can repair at a very small cost, some below $100, therefore before you consider installing a new sunroof only because someone told you your car sunroof cannot be repaired, give us a quick call and let us check your car sunroof as it may just be a simple inexpensive repair that your car sunroof needs.

We are prompt to reply with the cost or call back, and for most car models we may already have the sunroof in stock or can order the sunroof you want same day. Since we are owner operator auto glass shop in Oakville and not paying franchise fees, we often able to further discount the competition by up to 40%.

We Fix & Replace All Types of Sunroofs

We install, repair and replace sunroofs for the following vehicles:

Acura Sunroof
Audi Sunroof
BMW Sunroof
General Motors Sunroof
Dodge Sunroof
Chrysler Sunroof
Honda Sunroof
Hummer Sunroof
Hyundai Sunroof
Infinity Sunroof
Isuzu Sunroof
Jaguar Sunroof
Jeep Sunroof
Kia Sunroof
Land Rover Sunroof
Lexus Sunroof
Lincoln Sunroof
Mazda Sunroof
Mercedes Benz Sunroof
Mini Cooper Sunroof
Mitsubishi Sunroof
Nissan Sunroof
Porsche Sunroof
Saab Sunroof
Saturn Sunroof
Subaru Sunroof
Suzuki Sunroof
Toyota Sunroof
VW Sunroof
Volvo Sunroof

Same Day Sunroof Repair Service

In order to satisfy our customers Speers Auto Glass offers same day sunroof repair & installation services. Please call us in the morning and we will make sure that we repair your sunroof the same day.

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