Are You Doing More Harm than Good to Your Auto Glass?

Owning a vehicle requires a high level of commitment and care. From keeping it clean year-round to ensuring it meets the necessary safety requirements for each season we face here in Canada, a lot goes into owning a car and expanding its longevity. Of course, we want to ensure our vehicles can stand the test of time and last us for years on end, ergo, it’s important to care for every aspect. Auto glass plays an integral role in the overall safety of our vehicle, thus, we want to ensure we take good care of it. While most of us do follow the required procedures for maintaining a vehicles auto glass, some may be doing more harm than good. Here are a few ways car owners may be damaging their own auto glass and how to avoid doing so in order to avoid a simple repair turning into a full auto glass or cheap windshield replacement.

Letting small manners slip through the cracks

Small pebbles or debris can cause minor damage to a vehicles auto glass, specifically the windshield which sees the brunt of the damage compared to any other portion of glass. These factors can cause cracks or chips that many people brush off. Over time, however, other factors, such as heat, cold air, or other debris hitting the glass can cause the initial damage to grow. What once started as a small issue, requiring a simple repair could potentially turn into a costly full replacement. If there is any damage to your auto glass, big or small, it’s imperative that you take it in to get repaired right away to avoid larger damage down the road.

Using the wrong cleaning products

Cleaning your auto glass seems like a harmless and albeit, necessary thing to do in regards to maintenance. Dirt can easily accumulate on the glass and can limit or hinder one’s view, which in turn, can be dangerous. If your auto glass regularly accumulates dirt, you will most likely opt to just clean it on its own as opposed to taking frequent trips to the car wash. It’s important to take note of What products you are using. Some products can cause more harm than good. In fact, some glass cleaning products can actually ruin the coating causing the glass to weaken over time. To avoid the weakening and clouding of your auto glass, make sure you purchase products that work to prevent this from happening. If possible, also avoid frequently cleaning your auto glass. Even with the proper products being utilized, over cleaning can also lead to damage.

Aerosol cans and hot weather

While not many of us are consistently leaving aerosol cans in our vehicles, it can happen. Cleaners, hairspray, deodorant, spray paint, etc are all examples of aerosol products that could potentially cause damage to your vehicles auto glass. When exposed to high levels of heat over a period of time, these cans can explode and fragments can hit the auto glass, causing extensive damage. Cans that can explode when exposed to high temperatures come with a warning on the label, ergo, ensure you pay close attention to that. If you must keep these items in your vehicle, ensure they are kept in a space that sees minimal light, such as the trunk. This will allow you to keep the item in close proximity whilst simultaneously avoiding the repercussions that could arise should the product be in the path of direct sunlight.

Worn out wiper blades

This only impacts the windshield, not other surrounding portions of glass, however, the windshield plays one of the most integral roles in overall safety. Wiper blades are commonly used to wipe away debris, clean your windshield, and in weather that can impair the vision of a driver. Needless to say, most people utilize their wipers frequently. Over time, the surface of wiper blades wears away and as the protective layer thins, the hard material underneath becomes exposed. The friction between a hard material, such as plastic, and glass can cause scratches and cracks to your windshield. Although your wiper blades may be in working condition, it is important to change them every few months to ensure no hard material comes into contact with your windshield.

We weary of where you park

Most of us don’t consider the damage to a vehicle when parking which is understandable. Ultimately, most of us go for the most convenient parking space or in some cases, whatever space is left that we can snag. If you have wiggle room when it comes to where you park, avoid the following;
  • Parking directly under trees. Leaves, branches/twigs, or potentially fruit/nuts can fall from the trees onto your vehicle, potentially causing damage.
  • Places with prevalent bird presence. Bird droppings are high in uric acid which can damage your auto glass over time.
  • Construction zones. Avoid areas that are grounds for potential dirt and debris falling.
When it comes to maintaining our auto glass, it’s important to know only know what to do, but also know what NOT to do. This can help you increase the lifespan of your auto glass and avoid the need for replacements down the road. Don’t let small damage turn into something larger. If you see any damage to your auto glass, contact our Oakville professionals today and we can help you out! Tags: ,