long cracked windshield on the left and heavily chipped windshield on the right

Auto Glass Shop Service Pricing

Did you notice a small crack on your windshield or any other glass on your car? As long as it is fixed in time, the repair can be as low as $40 with Speers Auto Glass. If the damage is more significant and the glass needs a complete replacement, we have lower everyday prices for you. Just ask for a quote we are available on call at (905) 339-0339 or contact quote form at https://www.speersautoglass.ca/contact-us/. For many typical windshield replacement services, the average cost is $227. Visit our windshield specific service pages below: https://www.speersautoglass.ca/auto-glass-repair/ https://www.speersautoglass.ca/auto-glass-replacement/ When your windshield have a chipped or cracked, it’s important to identify the type of damage. Here is some common knowledge to arm yourself with: – If it looks like a small hole in the center of a scattered crack, then it’s a star crack. – Bulls-eye cracks are the ones that have round rock chips at the center of a crack. – The cracks that look like incomplete circles are called half-moon cracks. – Combination cracks are the blend of bulls-eye and star cracks. When is the windshield chip or the windshield crack can’t be repaired, and do you need a replacement job instead? – Long crack that is 10 inches or more – The damage that is too deep into the glass – The damage that is in the driver’s view – Dangerous multiples line of cracks – Dirty cracks – The Damage is on the edge of the glass The time to complete a repair job is typically around 30 mins. The time to complete a replacement job is approximately 1 hour. It shouldn’t be much faster or much longer than that. Sealants take time to bond the glass so too quickly correctly, and you run into the risk of leakage and lose dangerous glass. We have done thousands of auto glass repair and auto glass replacement jobs over 25 years, and there are very few instances that it took us longer than 1 hour to replace a customer’s windshield. Want a price? have questions? call us at (905) 339-0339 or fill out the quote form at https://www.speersautoglass.ca/contact-us/ Tags: