Save Money: Avoid Windshield Repairs By Fixing Your Windshield Wipers!

When driving a car visibility is the most important factor. Your windshield wipers are the device that ensures the car windshield is clear for the best visibility possible. It is important that you have your windshield wipers fixed and working functionally before they cause the need for a windshield repair! Speers Auto Glass, takes care of windshield repairs and replacements if you find they are necessary! You will want to pay extra special attention to the condition of your car before the cold, snowy winter hits. By taking precautions ahead of time you will save yourself money on auto glass replacements, and repairs. If you run into problems with your windshield wipers as they are causing further damages to your windshield glass, don’t panic Speers Auto Glass has the windshield repair and replacement services you need! Call us at 905 339 0339 for more information or to book an appointment today!

Some common windshield wiper problems include:

  1. Blown motor fuse
  2. Wiper switch issues
  3. Loose wire connections
  4. Wiper motor breakdown
  5. Broken wiper links
  6. Ben wiper arms and other physical damages
The condition of your windshield wipers can really impact your car windshield if not tended to properly. For Canadian vehicle owners our windshield wipers face extreme weather conditions that cause them to weaken over time. There are a few ways your windshield wipers can damage your windshield these include:
  1. Leave streaks on your window
  2. Scratch your window
  3. Can cause cracks, and chips
  4. Can freeze/stick to your windshield
It is recommended that you take your car into a professional windshield repair shop to ensure your auto glass will be efficient for years to come. It is very inconvenient, not to mention expensive, to deal with car windshield issues over and over again. If you are panicking about the latest damage to your windshield, call 905 339 0339 and talk to one of our professionals to see how we can establish the most affordable, windshield repair plan for you!