Lower cost of repair or replacement of windshield in Oakville or Burlington

Windshield repair or replacement can cost you less than the first quote you may have received today from a franchised auto glass shop, specifically if you are a resident or working in or nearby Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and even Mississauga West. Speers Auto Glass offers professional, reliable and clean installation of new windshield or repair of damaged windshields, also any other car glass that may have been damaged due to a car accident, vandalism, break in, or simply a rock hitting your car while driving. We offer competitive prices that often surprise our customers who testify that we have given them windshield repair or replacement quotes that are sometimes 40% less than what they have been quoted elsewhere. Speers Auto Glass shop also offers warranty with every work we deliver, free WiFi while you wait and 24/7 emergency service in and nearby Oakville. You can trust Speers Auto Glass with any of your car glass services needs and now also auto upholstery services delivered from our shop. Already have a quote? request another quote from Speers Auto Glass and compare the difference in prices. Our customers showed us many quotes they have received elsewhere with price differences of $100 – $400 depending on the work. We use the same windshields and same materials and technologies, but being independent we are able to forward our cost savings to you the customer and if you happen to have auto glass insurance, we will deal with your insurance and cover your deductibles up to 100%, just let us know and we will provide you with all the information promptly. Customer satisfaction is important to us and plays an important roll in our marketing strategy.