Mobile Auto Glass Service in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and Mississauga

Imagine you are on the road during your morning commute, stuck in stop-and-go traffic and suddenly the gridlock opens up and you are able to accelerate. The truck driver up ahead also begins to quickly accelerate, and as he did so – his tires hurled back a bunch of stones at the front of your vehicle. One of those sizable stones hit your windshield and caused some damage. Whether that damage is a chip, crack or ding – the damage is irreversible and now you are pulled over on the side of the road wondering what you should do. Our trained and experienced mobile auto glass technicians will come to your home with the car glass parts you need to match your specific car make, model and year and will repair or install your car glass at the comfort of your home parking.
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Click here to learn more about our mobile auto glass service to your home. The technicians at Speers Auto Glass have heard tons of stories just like this. Once your windshield has been chipped, continuing to drive subjects it to further damage for example; wind pressure slides through cracks and chips at highway-speeds expanding it and causing increase in size. Over 15 million incidents of windshield damage occur each year in North America, and as one of the leading independent repair service providers, we have treated thousands of these damages. Speers Auto Glass’s 24/7 mobile repair service is standing by to help you. Over the past twenty years, Speers Auto Glass have delivered countless mobile windshield repairs at a high industry standard. We are familiar with all makes and models of truck, car, and SUV’s. We provide all clients with a free quote and price-matched services, and we will work with your insurance to pay up to 100% of your insurance deductible. Doing a mobile repair has a number of advantages over in-shop repairs that make them more than just an emergency service. Calling in a mobile repair does not have an extra cost, it is the same as an in-shop consultation, and lets you skip the line. Getting a mobile repair done enables you to eliminate any sort of risk by keeping your damaged vehicle off the road still until the damage is fixed. Mobile service also saves you the trouble of having to find a rental car or figure out how you will commute while your car sits in the shop. Most people tend to delay their repairs because of the inconvenience it causes to their daily lives. We understand that our clients have a hard time parting with their vehicles even if only for a day, so at Speers Auto Glass we provide a same-day repair service. Windshield repair is easy and painless, at Speers Auto glass we cater to your needs. Our technicians can set up their mobile shop in your driveway, or in your office parking lot. The process is as simple as picking up the phone and telling us the make and model of your vehicle. The great part about a mobile repair is that the damage in your windshield will not be exposed to as much air pressure, less dirt and debris will find its way into the crack or chip and these increase the chances of the repair being easier and less expensive. Unlike the corporate repair shops we try to avoid a full windshield replacement, and our mobile repair service costs less than a chain stores in-shop service. At Speers Auto Glass we have been proudly service the Oakville area for over 20 years. Providing professional repairs and replacements whenever and wherever we are needed.