Need a Windshield Replacement? Here’s What You Need to Know Beforehand!

We can’t sugar coat it – any damage to your vehicle, minor or major is incredibly stressful. Figuring out how to fix the issue, where to fix it, the time it takes to fix, and the overall cost add up to a less than ideal situation. Whether a motor vehicle accident or an unfavourable parking spot, windshields are susceptible to damage considering where they are placed and their strength when compared to the outer steel/metal frames of vehicles. While small chips and cracks only require a minor repair, some damage requires a full windshield replacement. Prior to getting your windshield replaced, there are a few factors to consider to ensure you get exactly what you require. Our Mississauga auto shop knows all too well about the considerations prior to getting your windshield replaced. So what exactly do you need to know?

Do you actually need a full replacement?

The need for a replacement depends on the state of your windshield at the time. Some individuals obtain minor damage to their windshield and inquire about a full replacement. Minor damage can often be repaired; a service significantly cheaper and less time-consuming than a full windshield replacement. The mechanic will determine whether or not a full replacement is required based on the state of the windshield as a whole. 

The mechanic may recommend a full replacement if;

  • The damage exceeds what they are able to just repair
  • The auto glass is scratched enough to obstruct the view of the driver
  • A large portion of the auto glass is shattered or missing
  • The auto glass is warped, causing a disoriented perception for the driver
  • The auto glass has thinned or is worn out

Does my insurance cover the cost of my windshield replacement?

Let’s face it, no one LIKES paying for repairs to their vehicle. Sure, we want our vehicles in pristine condition, but forking over the money to have it that way is a task in and of itself. Fortunately, auto insurance is mandatory in Ontario and many policies do have some type of auto glass coverage. If the damage was a result of a motor vehicle damage, your insurance may also cover the cost either under a no-fault or at-fault claim. It’s important to check with your insurance policy prior to going in for a windshield replacement to see if you have sufficient or any coverage in terms of the cost. 

Can I drive right away after the replacement if complete?

It all comes down to the materials used, more specifically, the adhesive. This takes time to dry and it’s not recommended to drive away when the adhesive is not fully dry. Doing so could cause the new auto glass to come off the frame. Typically, the drying process resides at around an hour, however, some can take 24 hours to drive. However, most can drop off their car and receive it back, good as new, the same day.  What can I do to prevent a full windshield replacement? While some instances are inevitable, there are things you can do to decrease the likelihood of having to do a full windshield replacement, including;
  • Being aware of what you utilize to clean your windshield. Some cleaners can actually pose damage. Overwashing can also be detrimental, so only wash when necessary. 
  • Parking – parking under trees, in construction zones, high traffic areas, for example, can be hazardous to your vehicle. Debris can hit the windshield causing damage.
  • Reducing the time your vehicle stays outside in extreme weather. Frequent sun exposure can warp the glass, damaging it over time. On the other hand, snow and ice can also pose damage, and cleaning it off could cause chips or cracks if you aren’t careful.
  • Getting minor damage dealt with right away. Driving around with minor damage is never a good idea. Even if the damage poses no threat to your vision, it’s better to get it dealt with before it becomes a big issue.
Prior to getting your windshield replaced, it’s important to ask about the entire process as well as information about the auto shop including; who will be doing the service, the certifications of the shop/individual, and what should happen in the event the service does not comply with standards. It’s also important to ask about after care to ensure you keep your fresh, new windshield well kept. Does your windshield require a full replacement? Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Contact us today for your FREE quote! Tags: ,