Oakville Windshield Replacement for Upcoming Fall

While it’s still technically summer, fall is quickly coming up, and then winter will be here before you know it. Cold weather can wreak havoc on auto glass, so it’s important for drivers to get a damaged windshield repaired before the temperature drops. A windshield replacement can provide ample benefits to the safety and longevity of your car. With years of professional experience in the auto glass industry in Oakville and surrounding regions, contact Speers Auto Glass today to get your windshield ready for when the temperature drops.

Impact of Cold Weather on Vehicles

It gets cold in Canada; that’s just a fact. As the seasons change from summer to fall, Canadian weather has a tendency to induce volatile changes in temperature. This creates a suitable environment for cracks to develop on your car’s windshield. Previously untreated cracks can be further damaged due to the cold weather. This is why we recommend that you get any damage to your windshield repaired as soon as you can.

Getting Assistance with Windshield Repair

It’s important to consult the professional expertise and service of experienced auto glass technicians, such as Speers Auto Glass in Oakville, to ensure that you receive a high-quality and sustainable windshield replacement that will stay strong in any season. If your windshield is too damaged to repair, you’ll have to get it replaced and we recommend doing so now rather than later. This is because getting your windshield replaced in the winter can be more challenging due to the effects of moisture on existing cracks, and the use of resin for repair. It tends to rain a lot in the fall, and snow is inevitable during the winter, so escaping excess moisture will be challenging. Get your windshield replaced in the summer while the weather’s still nice.


Windshield repairs or replacement require the use of resin, and the resin is generated from UV lamps. The electrical sources for UV lamps are unable to provide as much power in the cold. This inefficiency translates to less power for the UV lamps, and has an immediate impact on the rate the resin is curated. As such, additional labor and time are needed to ensure that both the temperature of the resin and windshield are at an optimal temperature for repair or replacement.

Get Your Windshield Replaced  as Quickly as Possible

It’s important to seek immediate assistance for windshield replacement as soon as you can. This helps mitigate the existing damage from expanding, minimizes the cost of repair, and reduces further compromise to the safety of your car. Is your windshield ready for the cold? Trust the windshield repair experts. The auto glass professionals at Speers in Oakville can have you safely back on the road with expert service. Call us at 905-339-0339 for more information.