Repairing Windshield Damage

As mentioned before, most instances of windshield damage are minor, resulting in small chips that can be repaired in about twenty minutes with no appointment required. Craters, star chips, bulls-eye chips and combination breaks are some of the industry terms for the types of minor damages that we see and repair on a daily basis. Speers Auto Glass guarantees a reliable repair using high quality materials with an aesthetically pleasing result. Aside from our efforts to save you the cost of an entire windshield replacement, Speers Auto Glass’ repairs benefit the vehicle owner in many ways. By having a trusted, quality repair done it will stop any existing damage from spreading and restore the pane’s original strength to ensure the safety of the driver. The surface of the windshield will be smoothed down for better wiper blade performance, and also render the preexisting chip difficult to locate. This improves visual quality for the driver. Our repairs at Speers Auto Glass meet provincial safety inspection criteria, and have left a myriad of customers satisfied too.