Unexpected Windshield Damages

Many drivers are extremely familiar with the delights of auto-maintenance. From replacing oil filters to changing tires seasonally – there is always something that must be changed, tuned or refilled by the car owner. Although most owners are comfortable with their vehicle maintenance routine – not everything on the road goes according to plan. Each year, there are over 15 million instances of windshield damages that occur. Even the most skilled and defensive drivers operating a perfectly-maintained car can end up in a situation that results in windshield damage. Whether you are stuck driving behind a truck with an unsecured load, or caught in a trail of flying debris, what should you do if your windshield gets damaged? Speers Auto Glass is here to help. With twenty two years of experience, Speers Auto Glass technicians have witnessed it all. At Speers Auto Glass, our professional technicians have successfully repaired and replaced front and rear windshield as well as side and back door glass, sunroofs and mirrors on all makes and models of vehicles. We have been providing nothing but perfect results since the early 90’s. At Speers Auto Glass we are pleased to offer both conventional in-shop appointments, as well as a 24/7 mobile repair option that can suit any schedule or unexpected condition. Whether you need your repairs taken care of in your driveway, at the office or at road-side, Speers Auto Glass can provide you with a solution. As Speers Auto Glass is an independent repair and replacement service provider, we are able to share the benefits of our low overhead and lack of franchising fees which are reflected in the prices we give our customers The Speers Auto Glass commitment to customer satisfaction can be seen in our price-beating practice and effort to cover 100% of your insurance deductible. We are 100% confident in our work so we offer a lifetime warranty on auto glass leakage and workmanship.