3 DIY Methods For A Temporary Windshield Repair

There is never a good time for a crack or chip to show up on your windshield, especially when you don’t have the money to repair it. Instead of ignoring the problem, why not try a temporary repair that you can do at home? We’ve listed 3 easy methods to temporarily repair your windshield until you can take it to a repair shop. These methods will work on small cracks and chips; if you have large ones you’ll need to get them professionally repaired immediately to prevent further damage. We can’t stress enough that these are only temporary fixes; you still need to take your windshield in for a repair from a certified technician that will be able to repair your windshield properly. If you need a windshield repair in Oakville, bring your car to Speers Auto Glass for a same-day repair.

Clear Nail Polish

An easy, temporary fix for small crack and chips is to use clear nail polish. This will help stop the crack or chip from getting bigger until you can take it a service shop to get repaired. What you’ll need:
  • – Clear nail polish
  • – Nail polish brush
When doing this, make sure that you put your car in the shade to keep the nail polish from drying too quickly. Start by putting enough clear nail polish on the brush to coat the entire crack or chip. Then apply an even layer along the damaged area; you can add more if needed. If you have a crack, apply enough nail polish to fill the crack, and make sure you coat the ends as well, which will help prevent the crack from spreading. If you have a chip, apply enough nail polish to evenly fill the hole and a little along the outside to keep the chip from getting bigger. Once you’re done applying the nail polish, move your car into the sun. This will dry the nail polish, creating an adhesive to prevent further damage.

DIY Solution

Using super glue is another easy way to give your damaged windshield a temporary fix. This method should work on small cracks. Before you start make sure that your windshield is clean. What you’ll need:
  • – Sponge
  • – Bug spray
  • – Rubbing alcohol
  • – Water
  • – Bowl
  • – Salt
Start by mixing ½ cup of water, 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of bug spray and 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol together in a bowl. Mix them together until the salt is completely dissolved. Take your sponge and dip it in your solution, then apply it along the crack and let it dry for about 2 hours. After the 2 hours check your windshield; if the crack is still visible, apply another layer of your solution and leave to dry. Repeat until the crack disappears.

Super Glue Fix

This method is similar to the clear nail polish. Remember that this is only a temporary fix and you need to take your windshield to a certified service shop to get a professional repair. What you’ll need:
  • – Super glue
  • – Scissors
  • – Cotton swabs
  • – Glue remover
Start by taking your super glue and scissors and cut the end off of glue tube to open it. Next, start applying the glue along the crack; gently squeeze the tube to apply more glue as needed. Then take your cotton swabs and use one to spread the glue evenly through the crack or chip; have another on hand to remove excess glue. Allow glue to dry for a couple of hours. If you spilt glue anywhere you can use the glue remover to clean it off. These 3 methods should give you time to take your windshield to a professional service shop for repair.

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