How To Care For 3 Types Of Sunroofs

With the weather getting nicer, you’re probably itching to get some use out of your sunroof. Your sunroof needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained so that it works properly and stays damage-free. Just like windshields, if there is a small crack or chip on your sunroof, it won’t take much for it to get worse and shatter. To save yourself from that unwanted surprise, make sure that you get your windshield inspected and repaired by a professional. If you need your sunroof, or any other auto glass repaired this summer, take it to Speers Auto Glass for professional and experienced service. We service Oakville and surrounding areas. There are different types of sunroofs; in this article, we talk about 3 and how to care for them.

Pop-Up Sunroofs

These sunroofs open in the rear and have a removable glass panel. This type of sunroof doesn’t require a lot of maintenance; they mostly just need to be cleaned occasionally. Start by cleaning the gasket, which is the seal between the glass and the body of the sunroof. More modern sunroofs use better quality silicone and rubber materials, which better protects the sunroof against damage, so you should only have to clean the gasket twice a year. Take a clean, damp cloth and detergent and clean along and under the seal. Take a cloth dampened with just water and rinse the detergent off the gasket. To clean the glass, you just need glass cleaner and a clean cloth. If your sunroof glass has a lot of water spots, you can use vinegar to remove them. If you need to remove the glass panel to do this, be very careful, as it can easily be chipped or scratched when being removed or reinstalled. Take this time to inspect the sunroof for chips and cracks. Next, clean the main frame, which is the frame that keeps the glass in place. Just like the glass, take a damp cloth with detergent and wash any buildup or dirt off. Then carefully replace the glass and you’re done.

Tilt-&-Slide Sunroofs

This type of sunroof opens is similar to a pop-up window but then slides over the roof of the car. Just like pop-up windows, they are very easy to maintain, and should be cleaned similarly. Unlike pop-up sunroofs, tilt-&-slide sunroofs have a cable drive system that controls the panel. Things like dirt, salt, and other debris can cause the sunroof to move slowly, or not work at all. If you notice this you should take your sunroof to a professional to get it checked out and cleaned.

Internal Sliding Sunroofs

This type of sunroof, also known as a moonroof or inbuilt,  is usually found in luxury and import vehicles; the sunroof lowers and is pushed between the roof and the headliner of the vehicle. Most internal sliding sunroofs have glass panels with a sliding panel shade, but some may also in a tilt up mode. Again, follow the pop-up method of washing to clean this type of sunroof. Since the glass slides in between the roof and the ceiling of the car, this type of sunroof lacks the bulkiness of most other sunroofs. It is designed to eliminate wind noise, but it more susceptible to water damage. It does have a built-in water management system;  a trough is installed inside the perimeter of the sunroof to catch water and drain it away through concealed tubes. If the drains get clogged, or debris builds up in the trough, you’ll get leaks. To clean out the trough, completely retract the glass and look inside the trough, which should be visible; take a damp cloth and wipe over any dirt or debris to remove it. It’s recommended that if you have problems with the drains, such as clogs or holes, that you take them to a professional for maintenance since they’ll have the equipment to fix the drains safely without damaging them more. Do you need to have your sunroof maintenance or repaired? For repairs in Oakville, call Speers Auto Glass at 905-339-0339 and schedule an auto glass repair today!