3 Road Hazards To Watch Out For This Fall

Autumn evokes the images of falling leaves, back-to-school children, and cooler weather spreading across the Burlington and GTA areas. This picturesque season also presents real and damaging concerns for your vehicle’s auto glass, such as chips, cracks, and fractures. Rocks and other debris can cause chips and cracks in your auto glass that can not only affect your visibility while driving but can also reduce the structural stability of the vehicle as whole. Get your jeep windshield replacement near me right away if you see any damage to your windshield. Here are some common auto glass hazards to be looking out for this Fall:

1. Falling Temperatures

In Oakville, the cooler temperatures at night to warmer temperatures in the morning create dramatic expansion and contraction to your auto glass. As the mercury in the thermometer falls, the stress of temperature changes causes damage to your auto glass and these fractures may eventually lead to a replacement for your entire auto glass. If your auto glass is damaged, our glass specialists will replace your windshield the same day you bring your vehicle in or we will come to you 24 hours, 7 days a week in the case of an auto glass emergency. Making an appointment with us at Speers Auto Glass can save you time and money before your windshield repair becomes a full-fledged replacement.

2. Road Debris

Fall clean up projects generate a fair amount of branches, debris, leaves, rocks, and other materials that must be disposed of safely. In some cases, improperly loaded materials end up on the road and present serious damage concerns to your vehicle’s auto glass by ricocheting off of other vehicles or your own. Falling debris is sometimes hard to avoid as swerving falling objects can create hazards for other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Taking steps to replace your auto glass in Burlington can help you avoid the expense of more damage occurring to your vehicle. Speers Auto Glass technicians preserve the appearance and functionality of your vehicle’s auto glass so that you and other drivers on the road are safe.

3. Deer Season

Deer are more active during the fall seasons in the Burlington suburbs. This leads to dangerous encounters for both the driver and the vehicle’s auto glass. If you come across a deer and get into a collision, scheduling an immediate replacement is not a problem for Speers Auto Glass. Our certified experts will replace your auto glass or prevent any further damage from occurring.  We even come to your location 24 hours, 7 days a week in emergency cases to ensure that you have a reliable replacement during these scary encounters. For high-quality replacements in Oakville this Fall, Call Speers Auto Glass to schedule your appointment with our talented team. We take care of all your auto glass replacement needs. Call us at 905-339-0339.