Avoiding Road Hazards this Fall with Safe Driving & Clear Auto Glass

As with any season, there are a number of challenges for drivers on the road during the fall season. From the increasing number of people on the road, to thick morning fog, there’s a lot to watch out for. Avoiding these hazards through safe driving and prevention of larger damages to your car are both essential to safety. For instance, an windshield replacement near mecan help you see the road clearer, allowing you to avoid hazards in time. Here are the most common challenges to avoid on the road this season:

Road Conditions

Wet and slippery conditions are one of the most distinctive dangers existing on the road. Fall has a very moist weather in general as well. This is mainly due to the fact that fallen leaves on the road makes it very slippery. This can clearly increase the amount of time it takes for cars to come to a complete stop, which is hard to do when the view from your windshield is unclear and obstructed by cracks and other hazardous damage. An auto glass replacement is the best way to prevent this from happening. Another reason to be extra cautious is that there tends to be thick morning fog in the fall. Do not panic when this happens, just turn on your fog lights but also take note to not use high beam light because it creates a glare, which makes it even more challenging for drivers to see. You should also leave spaces between you and the vehicle in front of you. A suitable amount of length, you should be able to fit around two to three cars in between. Again, a clear view from your windshield should make it easier to see the road ahead, as opposed to large cracks and scratches impeding your view.

Environmental Causes

Clean your windshield inside and out, as it often makes it harder to see the road if there are dust particles or stains on it. The fact that sun glare is fall already makes it hard to see approaching traffic lights, therefore having a clean windshield is very important. Every time you are on the road, make sure to look out for frost in the morning as temperatures at night during often drop drastically which can make the road slippery and icy. It’s also important to get an auto glass replacement if your windshield has sustained lots of stone chips and cracks from debris on the road. Combined with the dust, stains, and glare, it’s hard to see the road clearly and make sound judgments based on the view.

Traffic on the Road

Fall is the back to school time, so there is for sure going to be increased traffic on the road. Not only will there be more buses and parents driving their kids to school. But there will also be a lot of teenager drivers new to the road. In school areas, you should definitely drive slower especially around buses and students crossing the road.

Pay Attention to Wildlife

Fall is also the season when wildlife starts mating, which makes it very common for animals to cross the roads during that time. Pay attention to warnings of crossing signs. One advice is that when one deer is crossing, another one tends to come along, so wait an extra five to ten seconds before actually driving again.

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