4 Tips to Get a Good Price on Windshield Repair

How do you know if you are getting a good deal on a windshield repair? With so many companies available, it’s hard to find one that not only gives you a good price, but provides excellent service as well. Keep on reading to learn 4 great tips on how to get a good deal on a windshield repair. If you are trying to find a good price on a windshield repair in Oakville, call Speers Auto Glass. Our repairs start at just $60, plus we’ve had years of experience repairing and replacing windshields, so we’ll repair it properly the first time you visit us.

Windshield Repair Covered by Insurance?

Make sure you know your car’s insurance policy inside and out; some policies will actually cover your windshield repair. The easiest way to find out if auto glass repair is included in your policy is to call your insurance provider and ask. Make sure that your deductible is less than the cost of the repair; if the deductible is more, than it won’t be worth your while to file a claim. Remember, everything you claim goes on your record. If you have a lot of claims your insurance company might perceive you as a risk and increase your rates when it comes time to renew. Also, make sure that company you are looking at for a windshield repair is approved by your insurance company so that you don’t void your policy. Speers Auto Glass is approved by all major insurance companies.

Getting Windshield Repair Quotes

Any credible auto glass repair shop will give you a quote prior to the repair. You should be able to call and request a quote, or you can request a quote online if the company you are looking at has a website. Get a quote from a few companies so you can compare prices, and see the average price range of a repair or replacement. Avoid going with the company that gives you the cheapest quote, unless it is on-par with the average price. Speers Auto Glass offers free, instant quotes both online and by phone. All we need is your car’s make, model, year and an idea of how bad the damage is. Our repairs start at just $60, and we guarantee the lowest prices in the Oakville area.

Do Research and Read Reviews

Another way to know if you are getting a good deal on a windshield repair is to do research online. Review websites like Yelp and Google Reviews allow you read about other people’s experiences and what they thought of the company’s service. For example, Speers Auto Glass has a 4.9 (out of 5) star rating on Google Reviews plus you get a look inside our shop! You can also ask friends and family that live in your area if they know of a trusted auto glass repair shop.


When you’re looking for an auto glass repair service for your windshield repair, make sure you take a look at what else the company offers as well as the prices. A $20 repair won’t do you much good if it is poorly done. For example, do they give you any warranty after the repair? A warranty tells you that they are confident in their service and will do the repair properly. Another thing to look out for is the speed of their service; do they offer same day service? Or is your car going to have to sit inconveniently in the shop for a few days? What if you got into an accident where your windshield was completely smashed in and your car is in no condition to drive? Does the company offer mobile service, in which the technician will come to you for the repair, or towing services? Speers offers both at no extra charge. Want a good price and trusted service on a windshield repair in Oakville? Call Speers Auto Glass at (905) 339-0339 and have your windshield repaired today!