4 Ways to Stop Your Stone Chips from Spreading

When you get into your car, you don’t want your windshield to be blocking your view of the road. Stone chips tend to do just that – not only creating hazardous sight lines, but also depleting the appearance of your vehicle. Even the smallest chip will eventually spread as your auto glass responds to shifts in temperatures and wind pressure by expanding and contracting. That’s why getting a professional stone chip repair should always be your first move immediately after chips arise. Keep reading to learn how you can stop stone chips from spreading and causing more windshield damage while you wait for a repair.

1. Super Glue the Chip’s Edges

As a temporary solution, you can place super glue in the middle of the stone chip to prevent the edges from spreading. That way while you’re waiting for your stone chip repair, you can prevent the chip from spreading and creating a larger problem. Remember, this is not a permanent solution, as the glue will only last so long.

2. Park Your Vehicle Indoors

Keeping your vehicle parked inside will help shield it from heavy precipitation, snow, and wind. Not only will parking indoors protect your windshield from temperature variances, but it will also spare your glass some of the pressure that heavy snow piles can cause when left to build on the windshield which will only cause the chip to expand.

3. Talk to an Auto Glass Technician

Calling an auto glass professional is a great starting point. You can describe the type and amount of chips on your windshield, and the technician will be glad to book you a stone chip repair or walk you through some temporary fixes for the meantime.

4. Hire a Professional for a Full Repair

Getting advice from a technician is one thing, but getting one to do the job in full by an experienced auto technician, otherwise, is always the best way to be clear of your stone chips. The sooner you get a professional repair, the better. You want to get your stone chips repaired while they are small and easily repairable, otherwise, you will eventually need to get a full windshield replacement which is a lot more costly and inconvenient than a repair. To properly deal with stone chips, professional tools and materials are what you need, and it starts with a Speers stone chip repair. Don’t let the chips in your windshield get any bigger. Book a stone chip repair in Oakville to save on your auto glass expenses. Call us today at 905-339-0339 for more information.