5 Conditions That Can Make Windshield Damage Worse

Did the small crack in your windshield expand over night?

Once a crack or chip is there, it’s extremely easy for it to get bigger, and if you leave the damage long enough, it can turn a simple repair into an entire windshield replacement. If you need a windshield replacement in Oakville , give Speers Auto Glass a call. Our trained technicians will be able to assess your windshield and tell you if you are able to get your windshield repaired, or would better benefit from a replacement. There are a number of factors that can affect those tiny cracks and make them spread; keep reading to find out how they affect your windshield and what you can do about them.

Factors That Cause Damage to Spread

1. Moisture:

Your windshield is made up of two pieces of glass with a layer of protective vinyl in the middle; because of this, there is room for moisture to get in-between the layers. Even the smallest of cracks can get worse if water gets into it. Things like rain, snow, windshield wiper fluid, or even washing your car can actually cause a crack to spread or a chip to enlarge if left alone. It can even weaken the structural integrity of the windshield if a lot of water gets in between the layers. In the winter, if the windshield freezes after moisture gets in, it can cause the moisture to expand,which in return can make existing cracks larger, and even has the ability to create new cracks. Moisture can easily turn a simple windshield repair into a windshield replacement if you leave the damage long enough.

2. Road Bumps:

Everyday things like slamming your car door shut, hitting the brakes quickly, and even driving over speed bumps add additional stress to your already damaged windshield. If it occurs enough it can cause cracks to get bigger and spread. Try being more gentle with your car when driving so you don’t make the damage worse.

3. Sun Exposure:

If you already have cracks in your windshield, the heat from the sun can make them spread due to the high temperatures. The materials around the glass, and the outer edges of the glass heat up quicker than the middle of the glass, which in turn spreads existing cracks or chips. If you have cracks in your windshield, try keeping it parked in the shade or in a garage until you can take it to get fixed.

4. Dirt:

Dirt is another tricky substance that can get in between the layers of your windshield and cause a lot problems. If dirt gets in between the layers on your windshield, you will very likely need a replacement as it’s tricky to get dirt out. You can put some clear tape or clear nail polish on the cracks to stop dirt from getting in until you get your car to a repair shop. Don’t think this fixes that problem or is an excuse to hold off getting your windshield repaired longer; this is only a temporary solution to keep dirt out and won’t stop the cracks from spreading.

5. Extreme Temperatures:

Extreme, contrasting temperatures, such as the hot temperatures in the summer combined with the cold temperatures of an air conditioning unit will also takes a toll on your windshield. If there are already cracks on your windshield, the added pressure from contrasting temperatures from inside and outside of the car can make cracks bigger. In the winter, when the temperatures drops below freezing, crack and chips are up to 60% more likely to get worse, even without the contrast of a heater. To avoid more damage from extreme temperatures, get your windshield fixed before well before the seasons change. Did that small crack turn into a giant crack? Are you experiencing any of the factors we mentioned? No problem! Call us for windshield replacements in the Oakville area at 905-339-0339, we offer very competitive prices.