Car Salesman Insider: What you Should Avoid Asking Right Away

Car Salesmen have heard it all. From ridiculous requests to incomprehensible offers. To ensure you have a positive experience with your car salesman there are a few things you should know before driving over to the nearest dealership. Car salesmen are not wizards or psychics. Therefore, they are unable to tell you the best rate you can get for any given vehicle. In order to give you an accurate rate the salesman would need to know your credit history. In order to provide you with the most realistic rate, you need to give the salesman the information he needs in order to find the best rate for you. The next question you should deter from asking right off the bat is how much your payments will be, that is like asking a magic 8 ball whether it will rain tomorrow. They have no idea what your interest rate will be, or what your credit history is by looking at you. Therefore they will be unable to tell you your payment amount without crunching some numbers and knowing your history first. Of course, everyone’s favourite part of buying a car is the bartering. Car salesmen are constantly haggled and sometimes even harassed to give a customer a lower price. Discuss price once you have the paper work in front of you, rather than on the lot while you’re looking at multiple vehicles. This way the salesman knows you’re serious about buying. Keep your questions relevant and specific, that way the salesman will be able to provide you with straightforward answers. Don’t run around the lot pointing to five different cars asking what the best price is that the salesman will give you. Get your windshield and sunroof repaired or replaced today, start with a quick price quote at