The Effects of the Summer Heat On Your Windshield

There are a lot of factors that can result in a windshield repairs in Oakville; Do you know that the season? The summer heat can severely damage your windshield if you don’t take proper measures. How is this possible? Find out by reading our blog below.

Windshields Vs. Heat

Our windshields and the heat don’t get along. The high temperatures during the summertime causes a cars windshield glass to constantly expand or shrink, when adjusting to changing temperatures outside. The windshield is made up of two pieces of glass with a layer of vinyl that sits between them. When the windshield is cracked or chipped, it usually only affects the first glass layer of the windshield. However, the heat from outside can cause additional stress on the cracks and can cause them to expand to the second layer. As the windshield expands from heat, it weakens, making the glass more fragile and prone to damages. Meanwhile, existing cracks or chips have the opportunity to spread more easily. If you notice a chip or crack on your windshield, don’t give it the chance to expand – get it repaired immediately.

Get Cracks Repaired Immediately

As the heat weakens our windshields, there is more pressure put onto existing cracks and chips. This could cause a small chip or crack to expand; forcing you into an entire windshield replacement, instead of a simple repair. Because of this, it is advised to get any damage (no matter how minimal) assessed and repaired upon discovery.

Avoid Cranking Your AC Up To High

Setting your AC to the highest setting right when you turn on the engine can greatly damage your windshield. Doing this suddenly exposes your windshield to extremely contrasting temperatures; freezing on the inside and boiling on the outside. Rather than cranking it up to the highest setting right off the bat, gradually turn it up as you’re on the road. This will allow your windshield to get used to the cooler temperature. Before turning on the A/C, roll down all the windows first to let some air into your vehicle. Gradually increase the temperature on your AC, and roll up the windshield.

Have the Right Technician Do Your Repairs

Replacing a windshield in the Summer time requires extra attention, so it’s important that you find a technician who knows how to properly conduct windshield replacements. A technician who knows what they are doing will know how to test how much heat has been absorbed into your windshield; a crucial piece of information for any windshield repair in the Summer. Make sure the technician is licensed, and that your repair comes with a service warranty. Is your windshield a victim of the summer heat? Call today to get a same-day windshield replacement in Oakville with Speers Auto Glass! 905-339-0339