Learn How To Identify The 4 Different Types of Rock Chips

During the warmer months, rocks, gravel and concrete are in abundance on the roads we drive on, especially highways. All of this debris has the ability to damage or chip your windshield if it is kicked up by the car in front of you, and even more likely while driving at fast speeds. If your windshield has been chipped by a stone or rock while driving, there is no need to worry. Why? Because getting chip in windshield repair cost are simple and easy as long as you have a right windshield repair shop to provide their quote. At Speers Auto Glass, our technicians have many years of experience in offering high quality auto glass repairs and replacements. Different varieties of windshield chips require different forms of repairs; our technicians are here to make the most informed choice for the well being of your vehicle. The team at Speers Auto Glass has put together the different types of auto glass rock chips to help you identify the types of rock chips that are possible for your auto glass. If you need an auto glass repair in Oakville, Speers Auto Glass is your place to go!

Star Chip

The reason why this chip is called a star chip is it shares a the shape of a star. You can easily identify a star chip as there are smaller cracks that stem out from the center of the chip. A star chip is only repairable as long as the small cracks that stem out are no more than 3 inches. However, it is important to get star chips repaired as soon as possible as the cracks are very likely to disperse across your auto glass.

Bullseye Chip

The most common type of rock chip is the bullseye chip. It’s in a shape of a circle with damages around that resemble the pattern of a spider web. There is also the partial bullseye chip which is similar to the bullseye chip only it’s a smaller size, usually in a shape of a half circle. All bullseye chips are easy to fix and do not require much effort.

Batwing Chip

A batwing chip has 2 cracks in a shape of a ‘V’ stemming out from the main chip, making it look a bat spreading its wings. Similar to the star chip, it can easily disperse all over the auto glass in a short period of time if it’s not repaired immediately.

Combination Chip

The combination chip is usually a mixture of the star and bullseye chip. It is harder to repair a combination chip as the auto glass is suffered damages where small bits and pieces of the glass is actually missing. However, it is still repairable as long as you immediately take it in for a repair. No matter what type of rock chip you have, it’s essential to have it repaired as soon as possible by a reliable technician. Call into Speers Auto Glass today at 905-339-0339 for an auto glass repair in Oakville!