Your Complete Guide to an Auto Glass Repair

When your windshield is damaged by cracks both large and small that built up over time, your number one priority should be ensuring your continued safety on the road in Oakville with a professional chipped windshield repair cost. Getting your windshield repaired as soon as the damage occurs not only helps you avoid compromising your safety, but it also shields you from the large, outright emergency cost of a total windshield replacement when one final damage renders auto glass gone for good. Here are some useful points to consider when getting an auto glass repair:

Why You Need an Auto Glass Repair

An auto glass repair is an excellent solution for cracks and chips on your windshield that do not exactly affect your line of sight, or are not large and damaging enough to warrant a total windshield replacement. Using modern technology, your windshield can be repaired to effectively close the gaps caused by smaller cracks and chips before these can expand and cause larger damage, while restoring your windshield’s appearance. An auto glass repair does not affect the integrity of your windshield’s original factory seal, as the repair is completed without removing the glass.

Can the Crack or Chip be Repaired?

Depending on the size, type and location of the crack on your car’s auto glass, it can be repaired and restored to its normal function and appearance. Typically, round or star-shaped stone chips that have lines radiating from their center can be repaired. Catching a stone chip in its early stages prevents it from developing into a larger crack, such as when facing extreme temperatures in Oakville that typically result in irreparable stress breaks.

Auto Glass Repair or Replacement?

Car owners commonly face the dilemma between opting for an auto glass repair, or replacement. To decide what’s best for your car and ensure your safety while driving in Oakville, it’s best to assess the damage with a professional auto glass technician. Typically, an auto glass repair is effective for smaller, up to quarter-sized stone chips, and cracks up to three inches long. For larger damage and those that are directly within your field of view from the driver’s seat, a complete auto glass replacement is your safest option.

How Auto Glass is Repaired

An auto glass repair is completed by injecting specially formulated resin into the area of the crack. After filling the gap, the auto glass is exposed to ultraviolet light that treats the resin, completely restoring full function, appearance, and integrity of the glass.

What to Expect After an Auto Glass Repair

When your auto glass repair is completed, you can expect to have your view of the road restored and unimpaired. The damaged area becomes considerably clearer after the repair, and after the curing period, you can expect to be back out on Hamilton roads with a clear view from your windshield. On the downside, if you opted for a DIY auto glass repair repair, or took your car to windshield technicians who aren’t professionally trained, a poor job would result in an impaired view from your windshield, and this could cause your car to require an auto glass replacement if the damage only worsened. Did a small rock come flying at your windshield while cruising through Oakville? Don’t wait for that stone chip to turn into a large crack. Book a professional, same-day auto glass repair in Oakville today. Call us at 905-339-0339.