What to Do When Your Car Has Been Vandalized

Getting your car vandalized and losing valuable possessions in your car while it was parked and broken into over lunch, or when you were just quickly running errands is definitely upsetting. Apart from the loss of your possessions, you will have to deal with windshield replacement prices for broken glass, as well as police reports and your insurance claim. Speers Auto Glass expertly deals with your car’s auto glass replacement needs following a vandalism attack in Oakville, and the team of professional auto glass technicians and customer service representatives will work with you every step of the way in safely getting back on the road. In the event of car vandalism, here are five steps you need to take:

File a Report

As soon as you see your car is vandalized, call the local police in Oakville and file a report. Make sure to document the entire process by taking photos of your damaged car, and note any items that were stolen.

Secure Your Car and Call an Auto Glass Service

Wear gloves and safety goggles, and use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the pieces of broken glass, but make sure not to touch the remaining pieces left on the window or on the rubber. After cleaning up the broken pieces, take a thick transparent plastic covering to secure the damaged window, and cut the plastic according to the shape of the window using a knife or a pair of scissors. Hold the plastic firmly in place using a strong adhesive, such as gorilla or duct tape that won’t damage your car’s paint. Make sure that the plastic covers the entire window to avoid air holes. If you are uncertain how to proceed, you can also ask the professional auto glass technicians at Speers for help, as they have all the necessary equipment to take care of the broken glass in your car. With mobile auto glass service, an auto glass technician can also travel to your location to help secure your car, assess the damage, and perform the necessary auto glass repairs on site in Oakville.

Have the Damage Assessed

The auto glass technicians at Speers can assess the damage to your car’s glass, while other car technicians from auto body shops may have to check other parts of your car for damages, such as scratches in the body, damaged frame, key marks, and damaged car handles. During this time, an auto glass technician will assess the auto glass repair needed to restore your car’s appearance and safety while driving in Oakville.

Auto Glass Replacement

A professional auto glass technician from Speers will then proceed with the auto glass repair your car needs. With same day and mobile services available in Oakville, the experts at Speers can quickly repair or replace damaged auto glass to safely send you back out on the road after the vandalism.

File an Insurance Claim

After completing the auto glass repair in Oakville, the customer service team at Speers will help you process your insurance claim with your auto insurance provider. This will cover the cost of all the material damages to your vehicle, including broken windows, stolen parts, damaged window frame, and damaged door, among others. You will most likely also want to check with your home insurance provider to cover the theft of your personal belongings.

Future Precaution

There are some steps you can take to lessen your chances of falling victim to acts of vandalism and loss of personal property. These include not leaving valuables inside your car, or hiding items in the trunk before reaching your destination so as not to attract attention; lock all doors, windows and sunroof before exiting your car, and avoid leaving a spare key inside or leaving your car on while running an errand; and park in a well-lit area or somewhere with reliable surveillance. You can also strengthen your car’s security system by equipping it with an alarm and added remote starter. Finally, you can install anti theft markings in your car and make proof of it visible. Secure your car after a vandalism, and restore its appearance as well as your safety on the road with fast and reliable auto glass repair service starting from damage assessment to insurance claim. Call Speers at 905-339-0339 for vandalism emergencies in Oakville 24/7!