Summer Auto Glass Maintenance Tips

Summer’s well on its way in Oakville again, and your windshield is susceptible to cracking, or worse breaking entirely in the summer heat, so here are some tips for taking care of your car’s auto glass during the summer (especially if you’ve already got a rock chip on the window), beginning with Speers’ Auto Glass Repair service in Oakville.

Prompt Auto Glass Repair

Get any rock chips repaired right when they happens. It’s been said time and time again, but don’t wait for the chip to spread. Heat, road vibrations, temperature, and pressure changes are known to cause the smallest rock chip to spread through the entire windshield quickly. Let the experts at Speers Auto Glass repair or replace your windshield as soon as it gets damaged. Speers offers mobile repair services to accommodate your busy schedule. Our experienced auto glass technicians are equipped to repair your windshield at your home or at your work, so you can stay safe on the roads, with peace of mind. Speers Auto Glass has the experience to fix broken/cracked windshields quickly and at an affordable price. Driving with a distraction like a cracked windshield puts you at risk for an accident. Call 905-339-0339 to get a free quote or get one online here.

Don’t Leave Your Car Out in the Sun

Don’t park your car under the baking sun in Oakville. It’s the biggest cause of a cracked windshield in the summer, so try to park in the shade. This is even more imported if you already have a chip in your auto glass. Remember to leave a window or two open, even just a crack, to reduce the temperature inside your car to avoid the temperature fluctuations that result in cracks. If you do come back to a crack in windshield, make sure to visit Speers Auto Glass in Oakville, or book a mobile repair technician, to get back safely on the road as soon as possible.

Cool it on the AC

Avoid sudden temperature changes. Oakville gets hot in the summer, and so does your windshield. Don’t blast the ice cold A/C on the boiling hot windshield. The sudden temperature changes can cause small chips and microscopic cracks or flaws to start spreading into cracks on your car’s auto glass. Also avoid washing your car with ice cold water after it’s been sitting under the sun for hours. Is your windshield cracked? Call Speers, and let our expert mobile technicians for an auto glass repair wherever you are in Oakville.

Don’t Slam your Doors

Close your doors gently. Cracks in your windshield are bound to spread, and slamming your car door shut is a sure fire way to do it. Slamming the door causes a sudden pressure change that might cause a rock chip or small crack to spread. If this happens to you, call Speers Auto Glass in Oakville right away. Follow the above tips to reduce the chances of chips and cracks in your auto glass, and call Speers Auto Glass to take care of them immediately when they happen so as to avoid the larger cost of replacement, and save yourself the trouble of encountering hazards while driving due to an impaired view of the road. For all your auto glass concerns call Speers Auto Glass today at 905-339-0339 for mobile auto glass repair service in Oakville.