Sunroof Care and Replacement

Your sunroof provides immediate fresh air, a beautiful view of the sky, sunshine, and the ability to let warm air out of the car without opening the side windows in, but just like your windshield, if your sunroof’s auto glass cracks, you need Speers Auto Glass in Oakville to get it fixed. Here are some tips for keeping your auto glass in top condition:

Your Sunroof

Most sunroof glass is made of tempered glass, as opposed to laminated glass that is nearly always used for your windshield. When tempered glass breaks, however, it generally cannot be repaired but needs replacement. So, if you notice a crack in your sunroof, it is especially important to get it to a reputable auto glass repair shop for an assessment. Cracks can very easily grow and the sooner your sunroof is fixed, the better. Often, when there is a crack in a sunroof, our team can simply replace the glass without replacing the entire unit. We can order the exact same type of high-quality glass used for your original sunroof, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible repair.

Cleaning Your Sunroof

It’s important to use the right cleaning products on your sunroof’s auto glass and its components in Oakville. Some materials can be very harmful to the gasket that helps keep water out of your car, while others can become be toxic when the car heats in the summer. Use a glass cleaner that does not contain ammonia or vinegar. Not only will both of these ingredients cause streaking on glass but ammonia is a toxic ingredient, especially in closed, warm environments. If you find that your sunroof isn’t in good condition, call Wizard auto glass to repair or replace it. Now that you know what products to use and not to use, we should cover how to use them. Cleaning the sunroof’s auto glass is fairly straightforward. For the most part, just use your ammonia free glass cleaner and wipe it off like any other window. For the rubber gasket and seal, just wipe it off with a mild detergent and water and then dry using a lint free cloth. leave any grease or oil you notice when cleaning your sunroof’s auto glass as it is Most there as a lubricant for the window to slide and to keep the rubber components from drying out. You can even purchase more rubber or sunroof lubricant to help maintain the rubber’s effectiveness. If you find that your sunroof is chipped or cracked while cleaning it, don’t wait for it to spread, call Speers auto glass in Oakville and have it replaced right away. If you notice that your auto glass is chipped or cracked, you need to have it repaired or replaced before it spreads, or breaks. Call Speers Auto Glass in Oakville at 905-339-0339, and with expert and quick mobile repair services, you can be safely on your way.