Tips For Cracked Windshields

Driving with a cracked windshield could bring you a world of pain. Have you found yourself with a windshield crack or chip and are unsure of how to react? Or are you worried about the potential for windshield damage, now that the weather is cooling down? Speers is here to make all these worries disappear. Here is our cracked windshield guide, ready to inform you on all the precautions you can take to avoid damage this winter! Read tips and tricks provided by Speers.

Windshield Damage Tip #1: Perform Inspections

You might assume that you would notice any crack or chip in your windshield, because you look through it every time you drive. In reality, you do not get a full field of vision of your windshield, as you tend to look through only a portion of it when you drive. A quick scan before getting into your car will allow you to become aware of any damage, which will give you more time to repair it in a same manner. Remember: nick small issues in the bud before they become big problems. A small chip is easy to repair, but if it spread, you might need a full windshield replacement.

Windshield Damage Tip #2: No Time For Repair? Take Precautions

If you have found a chip or a crack that is small enough to not need immediate attention, there still are some steps you should take to remain safe on the road. Avoid fluctuating your car’s temperature from high to low, such as using the heat or the air conditioner. The temperature shifts can cause stress to your windshield, and could make a bigger break more likely. Furthermore, you should also take note that going through a car wash could further jeopardize your windshields safety. The pressure and moisture is a risk that is not worth taking if your windshield’s structural integrity has already been compromised with a crack or chip.

Windshield Damage Tip #3: Do Not DIY

While you might see some suspicious advertisements for at home windshield repair products, we would greatly advise against utilizing them. An auto glass expert is well versed in all things auto glass: you are not. These procedures require stables conditions with educated professionals. If something goes wrong during your DIY repair, you might find yourself in a worse position than when you started.

Windshield Damage Tip #4: Get It Repaired ASAP

While sometimes we cannot control how long we must wait for a repair, if you find yourself with damage, your best bet is to have it repaired as soon as possible. Auto glass shops such as Speers will promise competitive and affordable rates that will help ease your mind and keep your vehicle safe.