What Do Auto Glass Technicians Do?

Auto glass shops are known to provide many services, but to get the best service for your car and maintain both its appearance and your safety on the road in Oakville, work should be performed only by professionally certified auto glass technicians. This qualification should form part in your decision to choose an auto glass service to repair or replace your car’s windshield, mirrors, windows, and rear end glass. Anyone can claim to know how to repair a stone chip or crack with the use of store-bought DIY kits, but do you know what exactly professional auto glass technicians are trained and certified to do? Learn about them here:

Auto Glass Repair

When your car’s windshield or windows are cracked or broken as a result of an accident in Oakville, your auto glass technician should be able to repair or replace these without any problem, and after, provide assistance with your insurance claim. Insurance paperwork typically requires certification from professionals who worked on your car, so having the work done by a certified auto glass technician in Mississauga definitely comes in handy when processing your claim. To successfully repair auto glass, technicians are trained in repair and installation through both classroom instruction and on-the-job training anywhere between six months and a year.

Auto Glass Installation

Auto glass technicians install your car’s auto glass, including windows, rear end, mirrors, and the windshield. Auto glass is typically pre-cut according to your car’s make, model, and additional features, and after your technician selects the best fit, they will take it to the vehicle using suction cups. When installing, they will affix the glass to the molding, and using clips and industry-grade adhesives, install it on your car. A professional auto glass technician certified to perform installations on your car in Oakville has a certificate in automotive glass installation and repair, or collision repair awarded through a vocational program, college, or trade school.

Mobile Auto Glass Service

Extensive damage to your car’s auto glass can render your car unfit to be driven to a repair shop. This is where a mobile auto glass service comes in handy, as many professional auto glass technicians can now travel to your location in Mississauga and perform the repair or replacement there. With the help of mobile service from a professional auto glass technician, you won’t have to risk your safety driving to their shop in Oakville, while avoiding further damage to your car.

Auto Glass Weatherproofing

Your professional auto glass technician knows you’ll be on the road in Oakville all year, no matter the weather conditions. As such, they are trained to equip you and your car with necessary safety precautions that will keep you safe in the changing seasons, such as glass weatherproofing. Your auto glass technician will treat the glass by painting or spraying a chemical treatment onto its outer surface to protect it from damage caused by precipitation. This is part of their professional training, and as new weatherproofing techniques are discovered, auto glass technicians are also trained in them to provide you with the most effective service. Don’t pick up that DIY windshield repair kit or have a friend try their hand at that pesky stone chip just yet. Think about your safety first. Call Speers at 905-339-0339 to book an auto glass repair or replacement in Oakville performed only by certified auto glass technicians.