Maximum Road Safety with Your Car’s Auto Glass

It’s no secret that cars require a lot of maintenance for optimal performance, enabling a smooth and safe drive in Hamilton over the years. Your car’s many parts require maintenance, such as regular check-ups, oil changes, tire rotations, and battery, belts, filters, and fluids changes, among others. With these many parts that need to be periodically maintained, many car owners forget about their car’s auto glass, and don’t immediately realize that these need to be looked after with an auto glass repair or replacement, especially when there are obvious damages, such as stone chips and cracks.

Auto Glass Maintenance: A Lifesaver

Your car’s auto glass plays a vital role in keeping you safe on the road. When it is properly maintained, it continues to provide a clear view of the road, allowing you to spot warning signs, stop the car well ahead of running into potential danger, and protect you from the elements when you’re out driving in the rain or snow. But aside from visibility, your car’s auto glass also works in three life-saving ways in the event of a collision:
  1. Keeps you and your passengers inside the vehicle, except in some cases when the impact is much larger and it destroys the auto glass;
  2. Prevents the roof from caving in during a rollover crash; and
  3. Supports the force and speed of a deploying airbag.
These cases show that by reinforcing and maintaining your windshield through an auto glass repair, you can minimize the risk of life-threatening injuries during an accident in Hamilton, as it preserves the structure of your car’s cabin.

How to Maintain Auto Glass

To keep your car’s auto glass in top shape, make sure to inspect it regularly for signs of damage. You can do this as part of your windshield cleaning routine. After cleaning, check the auto glass inside and out for chips and cracks that may not be easily visible when you’re on the road, but are noticeable up close. Because cracks can easily spread and become cause for larger repairs, it’s important to get in touch immediately with a professional auto glass repair shop in Oakville to have these cracks repaired. Aside from cracks, make sure to check for anything that affects the seal of the auto glass to the rest of the car’s body. Inspect the edges of each window’s glass for damages both in the glass itself, and its frame to make sure that it is securely in place. Finally, be sure to replace torn windshield wiper blades to avoid further compromising the quality of the glass with scratches, especially after an auto glass repair that is meant to preserve its usable life, as well as your safety on the road in Oakville. Your car’s auto glass does much more than protect you from the elements. It’s your shield in accidents on the road, too. Preserve its use with an auto glass repair when you spot the first signs of damage. Call us at 905-339-0339 to book an auto glass repair in Oakville today.