From Winter to Spring: Why A Change of Season is Ideal for a Change in Your Auto Glass

After endless days facing arctic conditions on the road, spring may seem like a breath of fresh air. While the season’s change and the snow melts, it is easy to forget that your car windshield suffered rough abuse from the winter weather. In fact, you may even need a windshield replacement. Maintaining your vehicle’s windshield to transition from winter to spring is imperative and has several benefits. Drivers often make the mistake of only preparing their cars for the winter, and ignore the fact that the changeover to spring from winter is just as important. If you are coming out of a harsh winter in Oakville, and are possibly considering emergency windshield replacement, look no further. Here are five reasons why replacing your windshield in between winter and spring is a good idea:

Repair the Effects of Winter

Although salt and sand on icy roads may help traction, they are a horror story for your windshield. Your windshield spent an entire winter protecting you from the severe elements and may be incredibly worn down. While driving on winter roads, bits of rocks and minerals flying at your windshield glass create huge impacts and often cause or worsen windshield damage. Coupled with cold weather, winter roads are catalysts to auto glass chips and cracks. If your windshield bears battle scars, it is crucial that you replace your windshield for the spring.

Increase your Safety

Avoiding replacing or repairing your windshield after the winter can cause a minor problem to evolve into a major problem. Ignoring chips and cracks in your windshield can ultimately:
  • Limit the performance of your car’s airbags
  • Impede the effectiveness of your car’s seat belts
  • Impact your car’s stability and structure
  • Threaten your personal safety
In the event of a car accident, a damaged windshield weakens the car structure and allows the car to be easily crushed. As well, a secure windshield shapes the way your car’s airbags deploy; with an impaired windshield, airbag protection can be turned into a hazard. Without a safe windshield installment in your car, minor accidents transform into fatal crashes.

Avoid Extensive Damage

Between winter and spring, there are always frequent temperature jumps and drops. The glass in your windshield will contract in the cold, and expand as it warms. Even with no previous chips or cracks, or with incredibly inconsequential marks, the rapid temperature fluctuations affect your already battered windshield glass. Consequently, this can lead to your windshield shattering! As spring approaches and the weather warms up, added pressure and stress is placed on your windshield, leaving it at a vulnerable state. Instead of worrying about the fragility of your auto glass, avoid the risk and consider replacing your windshield.

Protect Against March Winds and April Showers

Yes, winter weather is scary, but spring also has some conflicting changes in the weather. Spring’s infamous rainstorms and wind can create ample moisture in the outside environment. Unfortunately, humidity has quick impacts on any windshield impairments. Oftentimes, moisture in chips and cracks can make it more difficult to repair auto glass. In these cases, it is safer to replace your windshield in order to dodge the effects of moisture in the atmosphere.

Look Ahead: Prepare for Future Weather

Another upside to replacing your windshield is insurance towards weather in the future. After replacing your auto glass, it will be secure and strong, which means it will likely be able to protect you for a long time. After replacing your windshield, it is improbable that you will need another replacement anytime soon, and will, therefore, be able to last you many seasons. Replacing your car’s windshield is in your best interest, as it provides safety, and limits the need for extensive hassle. The conversion between winter and spring is difficult for your windshield. It is essential for your safety to replace your windshield, and protect it from the effects of winter and spring. Contact Speers Auto Glass now to inquire about replacing your windshield! Tags: