How To Deal With A Foggy Windshield

You get in your car knowing you’re already late for work and you’re face to face with a foggy windshield. How do you get rid of it quickly enough to drive safely? Learn the two best methods of getting rid of the fog that’s hindering your vision while driving – and quick! If you have experienced a different windshield issue and you’re looking for windshield replacement, contact our knowledgeable staff for a quote. Don’t wait for your problem to get worse,  give us a call today!

Why do windshields fog up?

Taking a look at the problem, a foggy windshield happens when water condenses onto the inside of the windshield. It often happens one of two ways. 1. When warm air gets trapped inside the vehicle compared to the colder outside air, fog forms on the windshield. Warmer air is much more humid due to the fact that it is able to hold more water than the colder, air outside the vehicle. When warm air comes in contact with the cold windshield (because of the outside air), the humid air releases its moisture onto the glass casing the condensation. 2. The other way is caused when we breathe out much hotter, humid air inside of a colder car. The longer we stay inside of the car, more moisture is condensed onto the car’s windshield.

The solution to defogging your windshield

There are two main ways to easily do this.


Turn on the air conditioning to get rid of the fog. This solution is best when temperatures outside of the car are above freezing and the foggy glass is caused by the riders inside the car. It’s best to run the A/C as cold as possible, however, you can make it a bit warmer to suit your comfort level.

Evaporate the Vapor

Another way to defog your windshield is evaporate the condensed water off your windshield. This method is better in much colder conditions and when the fog is just starting to appear on your glass. This can be done by putting hot air through your defrosters onto your windshield. If the fog is already very thick, you can use a dry cloth or a squeegee to dry up the fog and start running the air conditioning right after. If it gets too cold, you can slowly turn up the heat until the air dries out in your car. Remember that you should be circulating outside air when trying to dry the inside of your car. Most cars already do this when the defrosters are on. Have a bigger windshield problem that needs to be fixed by the professionals? Give Speers Auto Glass a call at 905-339-0339 for a free quote now!