Is Sunroof Repair Necessary?

Sunroofs are a luxurious touch to a car, especially on a sunny day. But once that sunroof stops working things could get uncomfortable quick. A broken sunroof can be an immediate problem, unlike other auto glass issues in the car, especially if it is stuck in the open position. A quick change of weather can leave you and your car open to the cold or rain and in some cases, the snow. One would think that a sunroof would be the same as any old and reliable power window. A sunroof is far more complex as it not only slides back and forth, but needs to be able to tilt in order to accommodate different positions. This means that a sunroof has more complex mechanisms, electric motors , switches and slides as well as plenty of additional parts which can mean that it will be more susceptible to damage or malfunction.

How do sunroofs work?

A sunroof opens mechanically using small rods around it. Like other vehicle accessories a sunroof is powered by the vehicle’s battery where a series of small electrical wires carries current to control the mechanism. A motor will spin once the button is pushed and the roof will open or close. Sunroofs can be either manually or electrically operated. The mechanisms and movement of the sunroof is what sets apart the different types of sunroofs.

Common power sunroof issues

Sunroof issues can often be categorized into two problems that are many times related to one another. Water leakage and electrical issues. Leaking water can cause corrosion on wiring and switches that will not allow the sunroof the function properly. A sunroof is also a feature that is probably not used as often, meaning the system could sit for months without being used where parts could corrode and fail to function properly when the time comes to use it. Need your sunroof repaired? Call us at 905 339 0339 and get a free quote today!