Questions to Ask When Getting an Auto Glass Repair

Getting an auto glass repair can be tough when you don’t know what you’re in for. It helps your situation to ask your auto glass repair technicians questions that will give you a better idea about the repair. Questions like how auto glass repair works, what types of damages can be repaired, how to avoid future damages and what you can do to preserve the life of your car’s auto glass and continue driving safely on Oakville roads, are important to ask. Have questions about your auto glass repair? Speers Auto Glass is happy to answer and provide a free quote when you call us at 905-339-0339 today!

What to Ask Your Auto Glass Repair Shop

It’s important to ask your auto glass repair technician all the questions you have in order to take better care of your car, get the best view of the road, and drive safely in Oakville. Because auto glass is highly prone to damage by factors such as kicked up rocks and debris and stress cracks in extreme weather, repairing your windshield is crucial to ensure you have the best view of the road and remain safe. Keep these questions in mind when looking for an auto glass technician in Oakville:

How is the auto glass repair done?

This is most basic question you can ask the technician. As the owner of the vehicle, it’s important to have an idea how repairs are done and how these affect your car. Learning how an auto glass repair is done helps you understand how the damage occurred, and how future ones like it are repaired. Asking this also helps you communicate to your auto glass technician how the damage occurred and how future precautions can help avoid it. Knowing how repairs are done gives you an idea of what good service is – a useful reference for future repairs your auto glass may need.

How long does the auto glass repair take?

As your car is your primary mode of transportation and mobility, you will need to know how long a repair takes and how long you will have to stay off the road. This helps you adjust your schedule accordingly. A good auto glass repair service works efficiently, usually offering same day service to ensure that the repair does not totally disrupt your work and home life.

Does your auto glass repair shop offer lifetime warranty?

A good auto glass repair service will take care of your car’s needs from that point forward, always ready to take care of future repairs. They offer lifetime warranty that protects you from the cost of future damages, should the repair fail. This helps ensure that your auto glass repair technicians do a good repair job.

Does your auto glass shop handle the insurance paperwork?

Some car owners find the repair to be the easy part, and dealing with insurance difficult because of determining the amount of coverage and deductibles. Complete service from an auto glass repair shop involves not only explaining the insurance claims process, but includes dealing with your insurance provider. This means the shop pays your insurance deductibles and assigns members of their team to process your insurance claim. Because of the hassle in dealing with insurance and the cost involved in repairs not covered, some opt for do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs. A good auto glass repair service saves you the trouble of dealing with your insurance provider to make your case for coverage. This also saves you from the risk of having a failed auto glass repair, as is common to DIY repairs. These are just the most common, basic questions you can ask your auto glass repair shop. It is in your best interest to ask as many questions as you need in order drive safely with expertly repaired auto glass. It’s important to know that you’re getting the best value for the repair and that similar damages are less likely to occur in the future. A good auto glass repair is expertly accomplished by professionals, cost-efficient, gives you a clear view of the road and keeps you safe when driving in Oakville. It’s your right to know. Speers Auto Glass answers all these auto glass repair questions and more! Get expert repair in Oakville by calling 905-339-0339 today!