Quick Hacks for Keeping Auto Glass Clear

It’s officially spring next week, but we’re still experiencing the last of winter in Oakville. The change in seasons mean constant and unpredictable changes in the weather every day. Sometimes, it’s snow we meet on the road; others, we see rain or fog. To drive safely despite the changes in weather, we have to keep our car’s auto glass clear. Here are some tips for cleaning auto glass and keeping it clear as the seasons shift and weather conditions constantly change. Call us at 905-339-0339 today for a free quote and book your an auto glass repair to get rid of any scratches or dents that may have formed over the winter.

The Last of Winter

It’s going to be spring in just a few days, but we still had to brave a snowstorm in Oakville before winter finally ends. The snow might have brought with it frost that you needed to clear your auto glass of to see the road well. Before you pick up the ice scraper to clean your auto glass or keep it clear of remaining ice to safely make your way around Burlington after the storm, head to kitchen and get vinegar. Vinegar contains acetic acid and lowers the melting point of water. This prevents water from freezing on auto glass; in the case of frost, it turns ice into liquid that easily washes off. To start, fill a spray bottle with one part water and three parts vinegar. Spray the mixture on your car’s auto glass at night, and in the morning you won’t have to wake up with ice to scrape off your windshield. You can also spray the mixture onto the icy surface in the morning to make the ice melt faster and keep your auto glass clear of winter’s last signs.

Make Your Way through Thick Fog

As the weather keeps on changing, fog can descend in Oakville and make it hard for you to see the road clearly from your windshield. Luckily, there are some easy hacks for getting rid of fog on your auto glass. From inside your car, you can apply shaving cream on the auto glass and wipe it off. Shaving cream works like magic against fog because it has many of the ingredients in commercial defoggers. It’s effects also last a while as it leaves a layer to keep fog from accumulating again, helping you stay safe with clear visibility for a longer period. With shaving cream straight out of your toiletries, you won’t have to pay extra for commercial defoggers. You can also keep a chalkboard eraser handy in your car. When you see the auto glass starting to fog up, wipe them with the eraser, to quickly defog your car when you need to see better.

Spring Showers Are Here

With the shift in seasons, you can add precipitation to the list of things that’s unpredictable. One day, it could be snowing, the next, it’s raining. Heavy downpour can make it hard to drive safely and see the road clearly. When it rains, it’s helpful to have water repellent for auto glass. The good thing is, water repellent for your car’s auto glass doesn’t have to be store-bought. You can add this to your list of DIY projects, as you will only need rubbing alcohol and water. A mixture of the two keeps auto glass dry and makes removing ice easy if the downpour was accompanied by some frost. To use this DIY water repellent, get a spray bottle and measuring cup. Pour half a cup of rubbing alcohol into the bottle, and add a cup of water. Swirl the bottle to mix the liquids, and you will feel the bottle warming up. Let the mixture cool down before putting on the cap. When it does, spray the mixture on your car’s auto glass, and wipe it off with a rag until the glass is dry. Stay safe in Oakville despite the weather. Keep your auto glass clear and have existing damages fixed. Call us at 905-339-0339 today for a free quote and fast repair!