Spring Road Conditions to Watch Out for

The change in seasons always mean a unique set of challenges to driving safely under different weather conditions. This Spring, it’s common to be making your way through roads worn out by Winter, and heavy rains that impact visibility and make slick driving conditions. To get the best view from your car’s cost of windshield repair and to drive safely in Oakville this season, here are some factors and conditions to watch out for on the road.

Pedestrians and Other Drivers

With warmer weather and sunnier days in Oakville, more people are going out on the road. The nice weather brings out cyclists, motorcyclists, skateboarders, and other recreational vehicle users. More people are also inclined to travel in nice weather, and this means more drivers in general on the road, making their way to Spring vacations. For a safe and pleasant drive, make sure to watch out for fellow motorists sharing the road this season, with a clear view from your car’s auto glass.


Spring is also a time for wildlife to emerge from their winter hibernation in Oakville. Many animals are found traveling across streets during this time of the year and causing traffic. Make sure to keep an eye out for them, and scan the road in advance for warning signs about animal crossings. Keep your auto glass clean and clear to see animals crossing and stop well in advance to avoid running into them.

Spring Showers

Spring is known for lots of rain, and this makes slick driving conditions. Wet pavement makes it hard to handle a vehicle, and increases the time it requires for you to slow down to avoid running into another driver. The rain also causes large puddles to form, and driving into these, in turn, can cause you to hydroplane, or the engine to seize as water gets sucked into it. In the colder days of spring, it’s not unusual for misty and foggy conditions to form and hamper your view of the road from your car’s auto glass. To avoid running into weather-related driving problems in Oakville, make sure to drive slowly, be alert, and give your car’s auto glass the care and cleaning it needs to maintain good visibility of the road ahead.

Auto Glass Quality

As you settle into Spring and finally leave behind the last traces of Winter, make sure to check your car’s auto glass for signs of damage, such as scratches and cracks that could have built up over time. With all these factors to watch out for on the road this season, it’s the perfect time to book an auto glass repair to improve your view from the windshield and see all these things clearly to avoid compromising your safety on the road. With an expert auto glass repair, you can be back out in Oakville in no time to enjoy the nice weather and watch life unfold on the road this season. Get the best view of the road with expertly repaired auto glass to drive safely through unique Spring road conditions. Book an auto glass repair in Oakville with us by calling 905-339-0339 today!